Today, we're going to play thug or not!

Anyone who has been following Longhorn football knows that the University of Texas, has really become the University of Thugz. It's sad really, because Mack Brown tries so hard to recruit players that don't have any sort of character issues. For once, the blame cannot be placed on Greg Davis or any coach.

Listed below are the thug candidates for today:

Henry Melton, Junior, RB (what a joke!), DE

I liked Henry Melton. I think we all did a couple years back when he was used as the short yardage situation back. Then he began underachieving and hanging out around Jester dormitory picking up skanky girls with frat guys. Melton was arrested for a DWI. That's it. BFD.

Not a Thug

Robert Joseph, Sophomore, Safety

Apparently, Robert or Joseph, don't know which to call him, thought that robbing a mother and her daughter would be cool. RJ was a highly touted recruit and was probably going to help shore up the secondary by starting over Erick Jackson. Idiot.


James Henry, Freshman, Safety

Henry was arrested on Monday. From the AAS, "Police say that Joseph called Henry the next day from jail, and their conversation was recorded. In that call, police say, Henry told Joseph that he’d gone to the scene of the robbery and confronted witnesses. 'I went over there and whooped all them niggas last night, fool,' Henry is quoted as saying in the recording, according to the arrest affidavit."

Are you serious? Thug

Tyrell Gatewood, Senior, Safety, Special Teams

Gatewood started thugging last year when the police caught him, Tarrel Brown, and Aaron Harris with a gun and some weed. I thought, it must have been all Harris. Gatewood was just at the wrong place at the wrong time until last week, when Gatewood got arrested and charged with two counts of drug possession. Freshman star recruit Ben Wells was also with him. I never really liked Gatewood, and he messed up twice.
He's gotta be a THUG!


Justin said...

Damn this is on some Cincinnati Bengals type shit.

Sam said...

fo sho...Fo SHO

Andrew said...

you can see the tanline on melton's forehead cause he wears that white cap all the fuckin time. fyi, i'm more thug than melton.

Jason said...

why didnt you include bc arrests v. ut arrests in the previous post sam!

Albert said...

Yeah well Grapevine aka G-Town aka G-Vine aka Tha Vine isn't exactly a thug factory. Port A on the other hand...