Brags and Beats vol 1.

Brag: Cowboys spanked the mighy Chicago Bears last night. Even Roy Williams got an interception! And he doesn't even know that tackling requires using hands. Devin Hester is a little bitch. He talked all that shit about us being pussies for thinking about not kicking to him. Somebody should tell him he needs to catch the ball first to return it.

Beat: I don't like how I'm reading all this nonsense by sports writers all over claiming how it's not all Rex Grossman's fault. After these same schmucks hate on that dumbass all last year, they realize they can't(?) regurgitate the same bullshit article every week. So they decide to be the rebel and claim he's not the only to blame.

No shit.

It's a team sport so he's never the only one to blame. But when he throws 3 interceptions against our secondary, the Dennis Quaid guy should start. It'll be just like that movie where Dennis Quaid is some old piece of shit that gets his chance to play in the spotlight. Only I'm pretty sure in the movie, it doesn't end with Demarcus Ware ripping his face off.

Brag: Winning monie$$$

Beat: Losing monie$$$$$$

Beat: new Jay-Z song is utter shit.

Brag: Indian Bread from the gaysian food cart on campus. $1.50 for pretty filling meal/between-meal. Pretty sure there's nothing really Indian about it.

Beat: hearing the gaysian at the food cart singing along to Fergie's 'Big Girls Don't Cry'.

Beat: big girls in general.

Feel free to add on or use the same concept.



Albert said...

I think the people that are saying it wasn't all Grossman's fault mean that the other factor in play here was the unstoppable force that is the Cowboys offense.

The asian food cart is the shit. Used to wake up at noon, run to the cart in front of the fountain, buy some chicken fried rice, a chicken fajita, strawberry lemonade, and run to class. Awesome. Even more awesome was when the APD busted the food carts on the drag and the one at dean keeton and speedway as a front for a stolen electronics ring. People would bring them stolen stuff and they'd stash it in the cart then take it home. APD found ridiculous amounts of stuff at some old asian dude's house who was the owner of the carts. The cart in front of the fountain kept their noses clean apparently though.

Justin said...

omg, thats the best UT related story i've ever heard. I tried the indian bread today. shit is balla taste for pedestrian budgets. buck fifty for what is pretty much a huge ass egg roll. i prefer the noodle over the fried rice tho.

VY > jesus.