Football Games We Want to Talk About Preview, Vol. 1, #1

I'll let the other writers add to this throughout the weekend, but these are the things I'll be lookout for:

College Football
Texas v. Rice

I really don't see the 'Horns messing this one up. Really, I'm just going to the game so I can dress up in burnt orange, yell, "TEXAS FIGHT" and sing the fight song a bunch of times. Maybe, just maybe we'll see some young talent on the field.


not really worried about this game...but i wasnt worried about asu or ucf either. need to see younger players, so on and so forth (you've read sam bitch about this stuff already).


I didn't bring any UT shirts down from home so I probably won't go.


Michigan State v. Notre Dame

After ND loses this game, the ESPN will still be talking about this 'powerhouse' program that hasn't really been a contender in college football since the Lou Holtz days. I would love to see Notre Dame finish their season 3-9, with their only wins coming from Navy, Duke, and Boston College. Air Force is good enough to beat TCU, so probably good enough to beat Notre Dame. Yes, I know Boston College beat Georgia Tech, who crapped on ND, but I can always hope right?

Some quick stats on this awesome Fighting Irish team:

Points scored per game: 4.3 points (120th out of 117)
Total Offense per game: 115 yards (120th out of 117)
Points allowed per game: 34 points (100th out of 117)
Cheeseburger Charlie's Salary: $3.3 Million

So why does a team this shitty get so much media coverage?

And about Michigan State...yeah, I guess they're alright.


wouldn't it be funny if notre dame started 0-8? look at their next five games:

Mich St
09/29at Purdue
10/06at UCLA
10/13#14 BC
10/20#1 USC

i honestly don't think it'll happen, but it's entirely possible. just throwin that bit out there.


Notre Dame is such a cracka-ass school. I have strong suspicion that Charlie Weis is a fan of the term 'nigger boy'.



Sunday Night Primetime: Cowboys v. da Bears

what should have been one of last year's nfc divisional playoff games. i still maintain that we did the colts a favor by losing to the seahawks. had the bobble not happened, we would have beat the seahawks and the bears (with demarcus racking up about 6.5 sacks in this hypothetical game), lost to the saints, and the saints and america would have won the superbowl.

all we need is a little push up front, and grossman is toast (easier said than done). maybe jj can turn up the heat again like our last game against the bears, where he racked up 150 yards and two tds. it'll be fun to see what our gunslinging offense can do against their vaunted defense.

21-13, cowboys.

this is ourrrr countryyyyy.


I bet Brian Urlacher fucking hates Rex Grossman. Because he can't do anything even against a secondary like ours.


Monday Night Football: Titan v. Saints

Anyone who cares about the NFC is probably sick of hearing about the Saints. Yes, while having something to play for (see Hurricane Katrina) is nice, a mediocre defense and an over-hyped offense will only carry you so far (0-2 record).

I'm not even going to break down this game.

I hate those damn commercials with Reggie Bush walking around the city of New Orleans.


it's a high scoring game. the saints offense has finally awakened from it's slumber. drew brees and his birthmark are threading passes to marques colston and reggie bush, who then proceed to tear the secondary apart. deuce mcallister is finally getting more carries, and seems to be back to his old form. the titans defense is helpless. luckily, the saints defense is equally as porous, and the young running back tandem of vince young, lendale white, and chris brown quickly take advantage (just kidding, he uses his arm somtimes too). it's simply turned into a game of who can outscore who, but with the saints' more efficient offense, they've taken the lead late in the game. in the final minute and a half, on what looks like the game's final possession, michael griffin makes an outstanding kick return, taking the ball to the titan 40. like clockwork, vince directs his offense like a maestro conducting his orchestra. quick slant to the 45. short out route to the saint's 49. a try deep, no good. a sly screen pass goes for 13 yards. vy scrambles and jukes for a nine yard gain and dashes out of bounds! on the ensuing play, both receivers run a fly pattern, opening up the middle for trusty TE bo scaife, all the way down to the 11. but with no timeouts left, vince hurries his team down the field, 14...13...12..., calls a familiar play, lines up 5 yards behind center, 8...7...6..., a quick look, defense shows blitz, 3...2..., vince starts moving his fingers, grins, 1.........HIKE!

"...and vince young does it again!!!!"

41-38, titans.


(especially you longhorn fans out there.)


VY > reggie fag.



Sam said...

I can't believe you're still up Andrew. Anyway, I like your prediction for the Saints game, except I don't see the Titans needing a comeback. Saints will just suck it up.

Andrew said...

my bad, didn't mean to steal your thunder by posting it under my name.