The irony.


The Sox are now 2 and a half back, and I don't know about the rest of Sox Nation, but I'm sweating in my 2007 59/50 right now. Ironic point 1: Eric Gagne (pictured above) was traded to the Sox from the Rangers, my "home town" team. Damn, that sucks because GAGNE LOST THE GAME. Ironic point 2: My second favorite team in baseball, the Blue Jays, just put my favorite team 2 and a half from another season of possibly finishing 2nd to the Yanks in that damned AL East! Again! That would suck!

Design notes: I went for minimalism, no surprise, since I'm relearning CSS at this point. Unless you're completely devoid of pop culture/fashion knowledge/eyes you'll probably notice that the background takes serious hints from the famed LV print, with my own twist.

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