So Thirsty...(Get It? We're in a Drought!!!)

not that jason has anything to complain about...the last time the rangers went to the playoffs, i was 12. in fact, ever since the stars' kick ass triple overtime win over the buffalo sabres, dallas has been in sports agony pretty much ever since:

cowboys - no playoff wins since 1996. didn't actually realize the extent of the cowboys suckyness until i sat down to think about it. we lost to the cardinals in the playoffs in 1998...the fucking cardinals. three straight 5-11 years under dave campo. at one point, we actually thought it might be a good idea to turn the team over to ryan leaf. wait, what?

rangers - no playoff appearances since 1999. only 3 trips to the playoffs in team history. each playoff team consisted of a high powered offense paired with a couple decent starters and what at the time seemed to me like the worst constructed bullpen in all of baseball (think danny patterson, julio santana, matt whiteside), teams which would eventually be spanked in the playoffs by those damn yanks. the only playoff win in ranger history is owned by john burkett. ranger fans, hang your heads in shame.

mavericks - over the course of my life, no hurt has hurt so deep as the mavs. i think everyone knows what happened the last two years, so no need to rehash that past. but i hated basketball for 2 months after each disappointment and i still feel sore about those series (for different reasons, however: one team deserved to beat us but certainly not the other. guess who!?!?). and for the record, i still stand behind the dunking deutschman. he will take us to the promised land, that much i will guarantee.

stars - our last shinning moment in dallas sports. we somehow kept ed belfour sober enough to string together a bunch of wins on our way to lord stanley's cup. but now, no one cares anymore, not like they used to. not for at least another year or two. but mikey mo is still the man. bagged himself quite a woman.

and the last trophy brought back to dallas?

not exactly the trophy i had in mind, but nice job emmitt. on a side note, if cuban wins this year, can dallas claim to have the best dancing celebs in the nation?

save for livin the dream with me and sam's eternal man-crush, the exalted vince young, in 2005 (still gives me goosebumps), sports fandom has not treated me well.

dallas-area teams, this is your rallying call. year after year, i brim with anticipation, only to be let down one way or another. i think i speak for all of us when we say, we want to win. we want to dominate. let's finally make it happen.

however, on the brighter side, i would be lying if i said i wasn't excited about the next two to four years. i wont make any predictions now, but i'm certain good things are coming our way.

i had to throw this one in for good measure. enjoy our blog.

oh and feel free to comment!

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Albert said...

"whenever there´s a drought
Get your umbrellas out because, that´s when I brainstorm"

You forgot to mention the 1st round playoff collapse of the might Desperadoes ala Mavericks style. Theres also the Fort Worth Worth Flyers loss in 2006 in the NBDL championship. Its not all bad though, the Rough Riders won the Texas League Championship in dominating 4-1 series fasion in 2004.