Quick Texas v. Rice Recap

Texas v. Rice


No Greg Davis haterade this weekend, though it's pretty hard to run a conservative offense when playing against a Rice defense.

I only saw the flanker screen once, and it wasn't until the 3rd quarter. Colt threw the ball straight into the ground.

Chiles has speed. He can really switch up the pace of the game. We might get to see some more of him this weekend against Kansas State. I don't really know what kind of package we saw when Chiles came in the first half. Chiles in shotgun formation, and Colt lined up wide left. I was expecting some real crazy trickery, but instead Chiles just ran a zone-read.

Jamaal Charles needs to fix the fumbling.

Billy Pittman is back. All I can say is, "Mike who?!? Nate Jones!" Pittman had 0 receptions.


Even though he sucks at being a linebacker, Killebrew could probably make a career in cooking.

Damn, Norton, Muckleroy, and Kindle tore it up. I really don't see why Akina and MacDuff are holding off on this.

Frank Okam and Derek Lokey eat O-linemen for breakfast.

Deon Beasley looked shaky in his first start.


How worried are you about OU?

The KSU game is huge this week, as it opens up our Big12 conference play. Hopefully, we'll get some revenge from last year's upset in Manhattan.

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