Now for the Longhorn defense

In comparison to the offense, there isn't that much to gripe about on defense. A couple things:

1. First off, there is a drop off in talent in defense. Aside from the D-line, which is playing like one of the best in the nation, there is some serious gaps in the depth chart in the linebackers and secondary.

2. Duane Akina is a proven man (see Quentin Jammer, Nathan Vasher, Michael Huff, Cedric Griffin, Tarrel "Thug" Brown, Michael Griffin, and Aaron Ross). He is doing the best he can with the scrubs he has right now on the secondary.

3. There is minimal talent in the STARTING linebacker corp right now.

4. The defense cannot be held completely accountable for the 19.3 points (38th in the nation) allowed per game. Many of the points scored were from the 5 interceptions thrown by Colt, which led to TDs and great field position for the other team.

With all that being said here is What We Don't Like:

1. Starting Linebackers. There is a fatal problem with our starting LBs. I say fatal because they are basically fucking everything up.

Robert Killebrew sucks. The ONLY reason why I can see him starting right now is his "seniority." I suppose Larry Macduff and Akina, think his past experience might be able to help the defense. His tackling and coverage ability, or lack thereof, are significant liabilities in our defense. He always seems lost on the field. He misses his tackles, is unable to break past an O-line for a blitz, and never covers his man, who is usually a TE or slot receiver. Oh yeah! Before I forget, Killebrew loves the late hits and personal fouls. What the hell. That needs to stop.

I don't know why Rashad Bobino was ever moved from will to mike. He kicked ass in 2005 when he and Drew Kelson took turns taking snaps at the weakside LB. 'Shad is listed as 5-11, 228 LBs, not exactly MLB material (except for Dat Nguyen). This is most noticeable on the when he blitzes and gets torn apart by the opposing team's O-line. He is too small to cover a TE over the middle, and he can't shed a block. This might be a coaching issue. Honestly, 'Shad should move to the weakside. That's that.

Now for the only member on the team with a mullet, Scott Derry. I don't even know what to say. His lack of athleticism really stands out every game. He's a consistent player, he doesn't blow coverage assignment, and he's a sure tackler, but he really can't keep up with the game especially when we play against teams like OU.

2. Secondary. Last season when our defense was completely torched by the passing game, everyone immediately blamed the secondary. Okay, let's see who started... Aaron Ross, Michael Griffin, and Tarrel Brown. That's a pretty sick secondary ladies and gents. Save the halfback pass, the large amount of yards passing yards was due to the fact that the secondary had to play mop up duty for the lack of pass rush and retarded linebacker play. When we gave up the mad yards to Baylor and Texas Tech, most of the yards came short slants, crossing routes, and hooks from the slot receivers who were covered by the linebackers.

With that being said, this season, it's the same old problem. Yes, we don't have NFL caliber talent in our secondary anymore, but it's the same problem that starts with the linebackers.

I really like Drew Kelson. I don't know why he just disappeared last year.

3. Coaching. I want to see different players. I want to see a different depth chart. Where's Muckleroy, Norton, Kelson, Beasley, and Chykie Brown? Give these players a chance to complete. They have more to prove, and they've got talent.

We need a different type of blitz. Stacking either Killebrew or Bobino or even both and having them fire between gaps isn't working. Also, every time the linebacker stack the line, they blitz. What ever happened to faking the blitz? It's border line Greg Davis stuff.

But there have been suspensions and arrests to account for. Robert Joseph was probably going to challenge Erick Jackson for one of the safety positions, and Sergio Kindle has been suspended. The Rice game should be a show case for young talent.

If I was Mack, here's my depth chart for the Rice game*:

D-line: the same, there isn't a problem here.
WLB: Roddrick Muckleroy
MLB: Jared Norton
SLB: Sergio Kindle
CB: Deon Beasley
CB: Curtis Brown or Ben Wells (unless Wells is red shirting, why the hell not?)
FS: Marcus Griffin
SS: Drew Kelson

*Depth chart has already been posted, I know.

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