link posts: akin to those "remember that time..." flashback tv episodes.

as the nba reg. season still drags along (though it's starting to get a little exciting as we near the end) and baseball is still in the toddler stages of the season, sports is a little slow. so here's a smorgasbord of links and such that i've found interesting over the past week:

1) first is a short little video of the favorite curse words of different celebrities. good stuff.

2) this happened a lot earlier in the nba season but i wasnt aware of it till now. coach with a possible three first names in his name and colonel sanders have a few fightin words for each other:

"You mean the eight minutes he took over there to explain maybe one play that he probably didn't run? Yeah, I was pretty upset," D'Antoni said. "I thought he disrespected our players. But he likes to play mind games, and that's fine. He might want to try to do it in playoff time when we bust them every year. We have them three more times. . . . That's fine."

see phil say "what the fuck" here.

3) meet anna semenovich, russian figure skater.

seriously? she's a figure skater? she can barely stand up (which is ok by me). and if you didnt notice, semen is part of her last name (teehee!).

4) no real description here. it is what it is: a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener.

available in grey, white, and brown for only $25. read about it here.

5) google tells it like it is.

6) i just thought the headline and first couple paragraphs were funny. good stuff.

7) portable guitar hero:

insane. it'll be hilarious to see people walking around like that.

8) russia's rambo is killed. severe case of the crazies.

9) cp3 points out to rafer alston why he's on the jordan line, and skip 2 my lou is on and1 (who boasts such superstars as monta ellis (fine i'll give them that one), carlos arroyo, steve blake, speedy claxton, marquis daniels, and bernard robinson. and that's it.) after dropping 21/10/4 steals on rafer, paul speaks:

"Tracy McGrady is a great player. If I was Rafer Alston, I'd probably ride his coattails too."


10) how do things like this happen? he played a full half before anything was done about this:

11) ty cobb: straight gangsta. racism, assault, chokin bitches, old school formal fight challenges, guns, and knives. everything you could ever ask for from an athlete. scroll a little less than half way down and read the section titled "Racist or Man of Honor?" hilarious.

12) finally, my favorite article of the week: why this blogger refers to miller lites as "boggs." if it's at all true, that's just simply amazing.

only someone with such a righteous mustache could pull off that feat.

This is exactly what we do when we get really hammered...

Middle school music kicks ass.


Mos Def, one of white people's favorite things, is apparently a crackhead. I don't know when he got hooked, but the proof is there. Normal sober people don't talk like that.

only funny cause macs are dependable.

not really a big deal or anything, but i had to post this for my macbook brethren:


goodbye brett.

you don't have to be a packers fan, or even a football fan, to appreciate brett favre. i wont rehash all of his amazing accomplishments, because you already know them. simply one of the best.

from a young jorts wearing boy,

to a wrangler wearing nfl legend.

brett favre, congratulations on everything. you will be missed.

the irony is killing...animals.

don't really like doing the soapbox thing with this blog, but whatever.

how things are run over at iams:

you still can't really defend mike vick on this (though justin would say otherwise), but how do you crucify him for dogfighting and not say, "wait a sec..." to something a hundred times worse, acts committed by a well-known company? how about the people that work there? iams must hire either straight-up animal haters or just the most disillusioned and dead-on-the-inside people.

this is what chris rock has aptly titled "the hypocrisy of our democracy."

p.s. that marine can go fuck himself too.