damon jones!

3:10 is the best part.

mavs in 5!

bring on the nugs.

nba playoff predictions pt. 1

before i begin i'd like to point out that this is the 9th season in a row that the mavs have won 50 games in the regular season. we are truly spoiled (thanks cuban!). you say, ok, well bring me a championship. i agree. but hey, at least we're not clippers fans.

now, onto the predictions:

mavs/spurs - mavs in 7. no manu, no win for spurs.
keys of the series:
if defense wins championships, then the mavs key to the series is none other than paddlehands. while of no use on the offensive end (though to be fair, he is an offensive rebound machine), then he earns that fat $9.5 million paycheck on the other side. all joking aside, damo did a pretty bang-up job on TIMMAY last time out (kept to 7-21 fg's), and after tony parker blows by all of our guards, he'll have to be there to clog up the middle. look, we're not gonna stop those two guys. but if we can make them be less efficient (trust me, that goes a long way) and work for their points, we'll be on our way.

so seriously, i hate using the term x-factor, but can i give a holla to j-ho? if he brings it, the jigs up for the spurs (lol justin). i wonder if the coaches told him yet that it's ok to score after the first quarter. you may hate on josh, but he's an active contributor...when he feels like it. i think this past year has shrunk that fat ass head he had after he made the allstar team, so i think he realizes the team needs him to be the josh of 2-3 years ago.

scary fact: tim duncan has never lost a first round matchup. that's why it's going to 7. but hey, good thigns come to an end. on a related note, i hate the spurs.

cavs/pistons - no chauncey, no chance. of course, if they had chauncey, they would have had home-court advantage, until the pistons inevitably do what they do, which is stop caring. the pistons have been in disarray since the beginning of the season, so despite this being a veteran team, there's no chance. cavs in 5.

celtics/bulls - acquisition of john salmons and brad miller was a midseason steal for the bulls. celts win unless derrick rose and the bunch put on jordan-esque performances against them. but let's not kid ourselves. (btw, i dare you to play ball with the flu. you'll probably die, no lie.) it'll be tougher without kg, so i'll give the bulls 1 extra game. celts in 6.
in-game note: how sick is derrick rose? he's just a rookie! you put a decent team around this kid and he'll shine. keep your eyes on this kid.)

rockets/blazers - this one is a toughie. on one hand, you have the rockets who have sick defense and yeomen's work ethic (like chinamen have). blazers have the youth to make a big splash, but have no playoff experience (that said, the rockets are forever stuck in the first round). to be fair to the rockets, this is my hardest prediction, and really could go either way. people really don't give enough credit to the rockets. though the rockets take it to 7, they don't have the closer in tmac. brandon roy establishes himself as playoff clutch and the blazers go on to meet the lakers.

cant say this is my best piece of work...written in a hurry. but anyway, i love the nba playoffs!

nba playoffs! (abbreviated version)

hopefully i'll post my real thoughts before tomorrow's 1130 am (central) start to the nba playoffs, but in short:

finals = lakers + cavs

why? simply, no one in the west is as strong as the lakers, unless the nugs get twice as athletic or the trailblazers overcome young'in syndrome and become the most darling cinderella in nba history. as for the east, since kg is now a gimp, everyone just point and laugh at the eastern conference (except for the cavs).

jury is still out on who will win this series.

what could change this almost inevitable finals matchup? this may be different with andrew bynum back, but i'm telling you, outside of kobe, the lakers are still soft and aren't that great at defense (defense wins championships dammit!). as for the cavs, cmon, outside of lebron, their starting lineup is laughable. i know he does some good "energy" stuff, but who would have thought that anderson varejao would be starting on a championship team? LOL god i just seriously laughed out loud at the thought. lebron is otherworldly and makes his teammates look better than they ever will (they should owe half their paychecks to lbj), but that's not how you win championships. luckily for them, despite what others might say, the east is still a joke to me.

f it, lakers in 6. try as lebron might, his team holds him back. they just can't match up with the lakers.

lakers, lakers, cavs, lakers, cavs, lakers.

damn he's good

from david chang's facebook:

David Chang CSL Finals (starcraft) UT vs. Berkeley next weekend!

so sick so sick lol

life and times in china, pt. 1

this is in a crowded street in suzhou.
saw the same thing in an aisle at walmart LOL.





no stats all-star.

another great article by michael lewis. along the lines of his book on (relatively) new and more efficient methods of baseball player valuation, moneyball, the article looks at how the houston rockets are applying the same principles.

can you guess who the article is about?

to basketball fans, some things will be obvious (lower shooting percentages shooting off the dribble, going in opposite direction of your main hand, etc.), other things not so much ("When [Kobe] Bryant drove to the basket, instead of being forced to take a jump shot, he said: 'That’s three-eighths of a point. These things accumulate.'"). also a frustrating statistic on manu ginobili in there.

addendum to the article, if you're interested. choice quotes from kobe on the game discussed in the article.

“When we had an official school picture, every other kid was given a comb. I was the only one given a pick.”


damn i want to be an nba GM.


not that i give a fuck about that smirking SOB tom brady, but apparently he got married to gisele. only notable because:

"Forbes.com reported last May that Bundchen was the world's highest-paid supermodel, with estimated annual earnings of $35 million."

brady's salary is nothing to laugh about, but i guess gisele is the main breadwinner in this family lol.

numbered items.

long time no see...

1. big news out of cincy...the bengals have franchised shayne graham! yes, the kicker. congrats on locking up the only bright spot of your season last year. who says kickers aren't appreciated?

if you don't like the song, then at least there are some priceless images of kickers getting mauled. also, shoutout to kordell "slash; but never really that good at any specific position" stewart. funny ending to the song as well.

and i guess there will never be a better time than now to post this pic:

the nfl has banned single bar helmets. lame.

2. the missed connections section of craigslist is hilarious. check this one out.
"There aren't enough girls in the world that are chill enough to put up with sweaty nerds rolling dice and playing with toy soldiers all night, and when you do find chicks that are, they are usually the ones worth keeping =3."

love the added picture as well. what is battleforge you say? i'm glad you asked LOL.

3. mark cuban has an interesting/potentially really funny idea for stimulating the economy. there are wayyy too many comments to go through, but some of the ideas are really funny.

4. dwyane wade is lame. apparently he likes looking like fonzworth bentley.

5. maybe the worst looking jersey ever created. someone try to prove me wrong.

6. this whole thing with michael phelps smoking pot is retarded, especially the part with SC police trying to retroactively press charges against him (so stupid). but you know what, i got yo back michael, and apparently so do the chinese people:
"The past few days have been tough for me, but I've received support and encouragement online from so many Chinese friends...But it's the warmth and forgiveness in the messages I've received from China that has really lifted me up over the past few days. Thanks again for your support and encouragement. I look forward to returning to China soon."

7. no huge trades in the nba. sad to see chandler didnt get traded, cause the mavs could handle the hornets without two of the top three players that killed us last year in the playoffs (jannero pargo, who no one could catch up with, and tyson chandler, who no big on our team is athletic enough to handle).

interesting rumor though: the clips offered the mavs b diddy and chris kaman for jason kidd. too late now i guess, but thoughts? keep in mind baron is an injury waiting to happen (he's already been hurt this year, and he's a fatass who can only work when there's a chip on his shoulder (LOL)), and he is quite selfish with the shots (shooting 36% from field, 29% downtown). if he could learn to pass up shots that arent worth taking, i'd be all for it. oh and davis has a really fat contract, a reason why most teams passed up on baron even though he was on the trading block. chris kaman (the fake german) would be pretty sweet to have on our team though.

looks like the mavs are retooling and saving cap space for the next two years. it's gonna be interesting. (wish list: dallas native chris bosh. i would wish for wade (begrudingly), but there's no way he wants to come to dallas.)





It's been 24 days....I'm still not over it


Like carpet burns to bloody wound. I'm still so fucking pissed about "The Team" (I shall no longer refer to it by its name, a la Parcells). I didn't think any team could disappoint me more than the 2007 playoff Mavericks. Until The Team proved me wrong. Fuck every one of those egomaniacs. They don't even deserve the title of The Team. Call them "The Multiple Fuckasses". Led by "The Multiple Dumbasses".

Ok I'm done. G-Obama. And Go Biggie.



lol jason kidd.

miserable week for the mavs. but awesome commentary by mavsmoneyball on jason kidd's quote after the lackluster winning effort against the knicks:


Jason Kidd has played at times this season as if he's found the fountain of youth, including the fourth quarter last night. Then he says something like this to remind you how old he really is...

"You have to erase your floppy disk and become a shooter or scorer," Kidd said. "Guys kept telling me to keep shooting it. I thought it was great on Dirk's part to become a playmaker. That's what great players do."


Clever google

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