what texas needs.

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Assuming a Thanksgiving win, Texas goes to Miami if:

*Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma - UT will be the highest ranked Big 12 team in the BCS regardless of what happens in Kansas City between TT and Mizzou
*Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, beats out UT in the BCS, but loses to Mizzou
*Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State but fails to beat out UT in the BCS
*Florida State beats Florida who then beats Alabama (UT vs. ??)
*Auburn beats Alabama who then beats Florida (UT vs. ??)
*Baylor beats Texas Tech and Texas beats Missouri

The Bullshit BCS, Pollsters, and ignorant Texas fans

Last night after the BCS rankings were released, I saw about 50 people's Facebook status say something along the lines of: "National Champoins BABY!!!" or "#2!!!!!" or "FUCK OU."

Okay. That's fine, but how come no one knows that OU still has to lose next week at Stillwater, and Tech would have to lose at home to Baylor if we wanted to make the Big 12 Championship? All I'm saying is, hold your horses and quit spamming my Facebook news feed with ignorance.

Stewart Mandel writes about it here. Don't bother reading the comments below. People are still retarded.

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

01. Say You Will 6:17
02. Welcome To Heartbreak Ft. Kid Cudi 4:23
03. Heartless 3:31
04. Amazing Ft. Young Jeezy 3:58
05. Love Lockdown 4:30
06. Paranoid Ft. Mr. Hudson 4:37
07. RoboCop 4:34
08. Street Lights 3:09
09. Bad News 3:58
10. See You In My Knightmares Ft. Lil Wayne 4:18
11. Coldest Winter 2:45
12. Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live From Singapore) (Bonus) 6:01


Why Citi is laying off everyone...

You may have read this morning that Citigroup is laying off tons of people, but the real reason isn't because of write-downs or the credit crunch crisis. It's much worse. The problem originates from their credit card business. See why here.


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Yerrow Fever

Mail order brides aren't what they used to be.