if you at all needed a reminder, a&m is lame.

a&m "yell leaders" are straight disrespectful.

long story short, they disrespected one of college football's greatest coaches in joepa.

i liked the quotes from joepa himself, basically subtly telling the yell leader, "son, you're young and you ain't shit."

but the real story here is the following quote:

"The yell leaders -- similar to cheerleaders -- are A&M's official spirit organization and lead fans' cheers during games and other school events."

that is all.

Hustler's Ambition.

Great post over at Mark Cuban's blog going over his past as a poor motherfucker trying to get rich. He offers in great detail how he got scammed $83k by some bitch, how he got hammered for cheap, and many more stories. Most importantly he gives a different opinion on the 'big idea' approach to entrepreneurship that most books, magazines and people try to pitch.
Most people think it's all about the idea. It's not. EVERYONE has ideas. The hard part is doing the homework to know if the idea could work in an industry, then doing the preparation to be able to execute on the idea.

This is a 180 on most of the stuff I read and hear, especially in the advertising world where the industry really stresses how they're so different and unique and creative. One of the recurring phrases in advertising is 'big ideas'. 'All it takes is a big idea.' 'We are in the business of ideas.' Motherfucking 'Idea City'.

Give me a break.

Remember how funny Chris Rock was? The things age does to a person...

I been on a tear lately, but I guess that's what the holidays do.


A different approach to money, art, business and general 'do what I want' mentality:

“I’d be lying if I said, ‘Just do what your heart tells you, stay true to yourself, and things will eventually come’—that’s bullshit. It’s all about strategies and risks.”

- Tobias Wong via Theme
This is a little less adolescent than David Choe's mentality and a little closer to mine. I first heard about Tobias Wong with his 24k McDonald's Coffee Stir/Coke Bump utensil. As much as we need people like Choe in the world, they're not very practical. This is America, after all. Land of the Git'R'Done. Even Hiroshi Fujiwara, one of my heroes, likes to spew a lot of the 'I just do what I like' rhetoric that anybody can see through. So I can really appreciate people like Wong who doesn't have to sacrifice lofty idealism because he never had any in the first place, and still creates designs that takes a laugh at the world. It's nice to see some middle ground between the rebellious art-types that is still stuck in a teenage mindset, rebelling against 'the man' and the boring, safe pieces of shit who should've been an accountant instead.

Here's another good Tobias piece: The Lamp.

The story for this is amusing: Wong convinced Philippe Starck's people to give him a prototype of Starck's new chair for an art project. He then turned it into a big fucking glow light and debuted it as a completely original work. A day before Starck debuted the actual chair.

*Philippe Starck (wiki) is kind of a big deal in the design world, although a lot of his stuff gets a big 'meh' out of me.

Let It Rain, Bitch. (Happy Christmas!)

Everyone I know that has a lot of money and stupid boring fucking safe lives keeps telling me what to do with my money like smart wise shit like ,buy real estate and shit, and all I got to say back is what James Van Der Beek said in that football movie” I don’t want your life.” I really don’t , my life is fucking awesome, and I’m young dumb and full of cum , fuck it, kill it, fingerbang it, burn it all down to the ground, making art, making music, making love, making war, making shits wherever I go, where I lay my head is home, I’m my own worst enemy just like the song I’m sleeping with my clothes on, self destructing at every turn its my most favorite thing to do, I come back even stronger every time, I sound like a fucking idiot because, I am, I CAN’T COME DOWN, I WON’T COME DOWN, I CAN’T BE LEFT ALONE, becuz I don’t know how to act, becuz I don’t give a fuck and I don’t even care, but sometimes I care too much, reborn rebirth replacable redemption , I ‘m out on the run looking for some fun and tomorrow I’m gonna do it all over again, I never fucking learn, you just live life now, spend the money ,take chances ,what are you fucking waiting for? tomorrow may never come.. so knowing all that about myself I made the best decision and smartest investment I ever made in my life, check out my new wheels,yes it's got suicide doors beeeeyotch!I don’t even own a home and rent in a shitty part of downtown… don’t worry I still have the mini van .. I win !! I rule!! amen---Joshua 23:9-11

cross posted from
David Choe's Blog
While I don't completely agree with David's over-simplistic approach in saying 'fuck it', it is quite admirable. Plus I find it hilarious that he'd compare himself to James van der Beek. LAWL.

If you haven't been watching Thumbs Up, you suck. Peep game:

A few songs I've been jamming the past day or two:
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Armand van Helden - I Want Your Soul
DJ Class - Tear Da Club Up (Ruff Ryders)
DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody ft. Chromeo (right click, save as)
Jay-Z - Blue Magic ft. Pharrell (The Knocks remix)
Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Studio remake)
Inner City - Good Life
The Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty Boy (DJ Mehdi "Le Cirque" Remix)
Action Action - Photograph
one for the old school: Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank

I saw Eastern Promises today. Nothing really happens at all in this movie. Viggo Mortensen looks cooler than you or me ever will, big fucking surprise. Weird thing about the film is that the most vicious fight in the movie, hence the best scene in the movie, happens while Viggo is buck ass naked. Like schlong and balls and all. No homo. I'd say it's worth watching but I'm glad I didn't pay 8 bucks like I was going to. It also makes London looks like a complete shithole that I don't really want to visit.

Don't watch I Am Legend. Absolutely horrible. I didn't know I could dislike a Will Smith action movie since he's probably one of my favorite human beings. Nigga was the Fresh Prince, for christ's sake. But it was incredibly boring for the most part and sadly, too much Will Smith is possible.

Happy Christmas to everybody, especially people that don't celebrate it.

mavs to the nba: "be afraid."

just when people were writing dirk and the mavs off, here they go on a 5 game winning streak, beating 4 quality teams (no, houston, orlando, phoenix) all in good fashion. don't look now, but a certain "soft" team is only a half game out of the western conference lead (as is a supposedly "out of sync" suns team. seriously, who comes up with this knee-jerk reaction junk? you can't say that the regular season doesn't matter and then go berserk when things aren't going as well as they usually go, which is actually still pretty good when considering the exceptional level of play from the top three teams in the west).

as for dirk? brought out his A-game against the best, scoring 31 pts in straight games against orlando and phoenix, and then scoring 30 against the clippers for three straight 30 point games. yes, this season he hasnt been at his best (most stats and shooting %'s across the board are lower than usual, though his assists are up a little), but i hear some of that is in part to the mavs trying to incorporate more of the team into the overall game-plan on the offensive side instead of running the high screen and roll with dirk all the time (though to be fair, since the embarrassing defeat to denver, the mavs have upped the amount of screen and rolls from 40 to 65% of the time...coincidence with dirk scoring more points? i think not. since that game, dallas has won 7 of 8). one good representation of this fact is that, as of right now, josh howard leads the team in scoring (i dont expect that to be the case for the rest of the season). i'm all for this game plan. it makes your players more confident (see: brandon bass, j-ho), it builds trust among teammates, and now dirk doesn't have to shoulder so much of the load (which means a little less PT for dirk, which will translate into a healthier and much more rested dirk come playoff time). a great example of this is dallas' win over new orleans, where dirk only scored 7 points and the mavs still won by nine. that makes me happy and much more comfortable with our team. the point is, yeah, dirk has not been consistently playing at the level he usually plays, but he is by no means a fluke of an mvp. he's still here, he's still very good, and i still think he will lead us to the promised land. fun fact from dirk's mvp season: dirk is one of only two players to ever post a season average of at least 20 points, shoot 50% from the field, 40% from downtown, and 90% from the charity stripe. the other dude? none other than the guy dirk is often compared to: larry legend. let's hope dirk will end up with a similar legacy.

portland...still running up that win streak. now it's up to ten. i can't really consider them a serious contender or anything, but it really is amazing what this young team has been doing. i am really looking forward to seeing them playing at full strength with oden (KD and oden, among other things, make me really excited about the future of the nba). could they be that dangerous come playoff time? we shall see.

another young team to watch out for? the atlanta hawks (man, it feels really weird saying that). they haven't been to the playoffs since '99, so you know that city is achin' for some good news and a playoff spot (especially with the whole debacle that is the atlanta falcons). they're currently riding a 4 game winning streak. like portland, they've lost to some crappy teams, but they've also had some pretty convincing wins against the likes of dallas, phoenix, orlando, and utah. they're sitting at 4th in the eastern conference, and with the quality (or lack thereof) in that conference, they definitely can't be ignored. props to al horford, who's having a great rookie season.

found this gem on si.com:

marcus camby: master of the blocked shot, and apparently ugly purses too.

anyhow, keep watching those mavs. you won't be disappointed. there are still some issues with consistency, and as always, the mavs still have problems with putting games away. that said, they are working themselves back to their old form, and it's also really exciting to see the growth of devin harris and josh howard. should be another great season, even if we have to work through the grind that is the 82-game season (which must seem ten times longer considering what happened last year). let's get excited mavs fans!

"Top Three Women on The Hills
3. Lauren
2. Whitney
1. Lo"

from The Fader's Listmania 2007

Just wanted to make sure I publicly wholeheartedly agree. I think all she does is just show up every third episode and makes fun of people.

Taken @ Taiwan Cafe on 15th and Independence

I remember seeing a collection of photos documenting the misuse of quotations by Chinese businesses. Wish I could add it to the group. Somebody tell me if they know what I'm talking about.

Mexicans love Roy Williams


I always see Mexicans wearing the number 31 jersey. It's a good thing the Cowboys have this pro-bowl safety and his tacky sleeves locked up until 2010.

I'm sure the Cowboys defense will miss Roy this Saturday against Carolina. Who's their QB now? Carr? Testaverde? Steve Smith? Julius Peppers?

Come to think of it though...who is our back up strong safety? Pat Watkins? He's hurt and he usually comes in at free safety. We should just put in Bobby Carpenter. Put that 2006 FIRST ROUND (OUCH!) pick to good use. Have him do the same things that Roy does... play up in in the box and make impact plays.

I think tomorrow I'm going to write up a post on the most under appreciated and underrated special teams player on the team: Bobby Carpenter.


despite the disparity in the standings, this will always be a tough match up for the cowboys. a few reasons why this will be tough/i hate the eagles:

  • with the exception of 2005 and our first meeting this year, we've been pretty much dominated by the eagles since 2000. it's been defeat after defeat after defeat, and they pretty much laughed in our faces the whole time. we sucked back then, and they just made us look even worse...so it makes my week whenever we do get to beat them.
  • remember the 2000 season opener that started with their onside kick? we then proceeded to get out asses whooped that day...the agony! i'll always remember that play...that set the tone for the rest of the season next three years, where we were below mediocre and strung together three straight 5-11 seasons. thanks for nothing, dave campo!
  • it's been a weird situation with donovan mcnabb since he's been in philly. booed by the fans when he was first drafted, he's shown them that they made the right choice. that is, when he's not injured. but despite his numbers this year, i never sleep on mcnabb. expect him to come out strong today and show off his grit (westbrook, too).
not as many points as i was hoping for, but the game is about to start.

quick prediction: 34-27, cowboys. closer than i would have hoped, but romo will have another dominating performance.

romo: 295 yards, 3 tds, 1 int.
TO: 95 yards, 2 tds.
MBIII: 70 yards, 1 td
one for crayton too.

mcnabb: 250 yards, 2 tds, 2 ints.

just guesses...but hopefully my score prediction rings true.

enjoy the game, and go cowboys!

halftime edit: gonna need a just a few halftime adjustments to fit my predictions lol. maybe it'll be a barn-burner in the second half. let's make TO happy. back to the game.


Baron Davis is not only a bitch when playing against Dallas

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Plus he looks like a terrorist. If Kobe didn't pull his dick muscle, no way they would've won last night. 24 couldn't play any D and was limping around like a gimp. I blame Lamar Odom for having zero handling skills.

the west? still fly.

you're so lucky to have three different blogger posts in the same day middle of the night.

didn't know how to do this cross out thing before...i'm an idiot.

studying for the finance final? not really...i've been thinking about this:

Western Conference

San Antonio 17 5 .773 - 12-0 5-5 12-5 5-2 100.5 93.1 +7.4Lost 2 7-3
Phoenix 17 6 .739 ½ 7-3 10-3 6-4 3-2 110.0 104.7 +5.3Won 1 6-4
Denver 14 8 .636 3 10-3 4-5 8-5 4-0 107.0 102.0 +5.0Won 3 6-4
Dallas 15 9 .625 3 10-2 5-7 10-4 5-2 101.6 98.5 +3.2Won 1 6-4
New Orleans 14 9 .609 3 ½ 6-5 8-4 10-6 3-2 96.0 94.3 +1.7Lost 2 5-5
LA Lakers 13 9 .591 4 8-4 5-5 10-5 2-1 106.9 102.5 +4.4Lost 1 6-4
Golden State 13 10 .565 4 ½ 7-5 6-5 7-6 4-2 109.0 106.9 +2.1Won 1 7-3
Utah 13 11 .542 5 8-2 5-9 7-8 1-2 105.3 100.5 +4.8Lost 6 3-7
Houston 12 11 .522 5 ½ 6-3 6-8 8-8 2-4 94.3 93.2 +1.0Won 1 6-4
Portland 11 12 .478 6 ½ 9-3 2-9 8-6 2-1 94.6 97.6 -3.0Won 6 6-4
LA Clippers 9 13 .409 8 4-7 5-6 5-6 2-2 94.5 98.1 -3.7Won 1 3-7
Sacramento 9 13 .409 8 8-4 1-9 5-11 0-4 99.2 102.1 -2.9Won 1 5-5
Seattle 7 17 .292 11 3-8 4-9 2-11 1-2 99.1 105.7 -6.6Won 2 5-5
Memphis 6 16 .273 11 4-7 2-9 4-10 1-6 102.6 105.2 -2.6Lost 6 3-7
Minnesota 3 18 .143 13 ½ 2-9 1-9 3-10 0-3 92.8 101.3 -8.5Lost 3 2-8

i dont care what people have to say about boston and orlando...that playoff picture right there is what's scary. any of the 8 teams making the playoffs in the west this year will not be able to get comfortable at any point in the post-season. and it's not even like there is a huge drop-off in talent after the first 8 teams. take note:
  • houston is down there dickin' around, but if they can devise some kind of system where t-mac can play in a suit of armor and be around for the whole season, you know they'll be around come late april. the same kind of applies to yao too (in terms of injuries), who i'm proud to say has taken huge strides the past couple seasons in overcoming the natural passive-aggressive nature of mainland slanty-eyed folk.
  • if the other LA team can stick around long enough until (if?) brand comes back, who knows what could happen? two years ago you saw what kind of guts they had (despite a coach who is iffy at times), and last year they just missed the playoffs (thanks in part to a spectacular run by...you know...), so if they can remain relevant come february or march (which, playing in this conference, may be a pretty tall order), that extra boost from brand my help them slip into that 8 spot. props to chis kaman so far this season after an uninspiring one last year. i guess he's trying his best to fill that void left by brand.
    • on a side note, here's to hoping shaun livingston makes a strong comeback from his knee injury...he tore about 47 different ligaments his mcl, pcl, acl, and lateral meniscus in a horrific fall last march, and coming back from this, not just physically, but also mentally, will be tough to overcome. good luck dude.
  • remember when sac-town was actually good? they were actually our rivals a few years back, as crazy as that sounds now. that said, when bibby (1/2 of the greatest duo of point guards who dont know what race they are. who's the second? you...most definitely...know.) comes back, they'll still be a moderate force to be reckoned with. don't laugh, but i think the starting lineup of artest, martin, miller (that fucker), bibby, and moore is pretty solid. we'll see how this goes when martin and bibby are at full strength.
  • this one may be more of a long shot, but dont sleep on portland yet. they're currently riding a 6 game winning streak, beating utah (twice) and a still pretty hot golden state team (baron davis' clutch 3 to put away the game against the lakers...sick. baron davis in general...awesome player when not injured and/or fat. baron davis against the mavs...i dont wanna talk about it...). they've lost to a lot of crappy teams, but have also picked up a few wins against good teams (dallas, utah, gs, no, detroit). my boy lamarcus is holdin it down over there with roy, and i'm sure all the young folk are learning daily lessons from darius miles on how not to mess up your career (btw, he's still only 26! does he have the will to turn it around when he comes back from season-ending surgery? probably not...couldn't even find the will to get a consistent jumper...or just a jumper). they have a good, young team up there (along with their northwest buddies, seattle), and i'm excited to see what they got in-store the next few years. oh yeah...there's also some thing about some guy called oden...
i just spent a long time writing about 4 teams that aren't even in the playoff picture right now. i think that in itself is a testament to how strong the west is overall. sure, three of the above may end up being marginal teams at the end of the season, but they'll have at least some kind of shot.

i originally was going to write about boston and orlando, but i dont think i can push off studying any longer. more on those two later. but basically the east is still pretty abysmal. and i can't wait for the top two leastern conference teams to take a dip in the southwest. that'll be fun...we'll give them a little taste of how we do it in the western conference.

that will be all for now. good luck on the rest of your finals...god knows i'm gonna need some.

p.s. more on the mavs in the coming weeks. i am admittedly a little worried, but i think we'll get our feet under us in due time. however...dirk, we need you.

Finals Blow

That's basically it. Since Sunday, I've only studied in the hours I've been up. After Monday morning, I should be able to feel good.

Couple of things:

1. I can't decide if I should cheer for the 'Horns during the Holiday Bowl.

Advantages (not really) if we win:
- Mack gets his 10th win for the 6th season in a row.
- Our coaching staff becomes even more complacent.
- Our program remains mediocre in the post-VY era.
- Our only real solid win this season against a very good Arizona State team.

Advantages if we lose:
- Wake up call for Mack Brown and Co.
- Wake up call for Deloss Dodd to put Mack under some pressure for some conference championships. Or maybe just some wins over our rivals.
- Maybe our program gets serious and stops dicking around for next season.

Apparently, there's an award called the "Outstanding Linebacker Award" that they give out every year. Guess who won this year? Derry, Bobino, Killebrew. This is just beating the dead horse. Good thing Killebrew earned his degree.

2. There could be some real changes in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program here at UT.

- First off, they should really consider renovating ENS. The building is such a piece of shit. Even the ME's get their ETC redone. The only thing we got was the "penthouse."
- Fire some professors. Start with Professor Pore.
- Start a class called: EE301, Introduction to normalizing in society. This class would require all engineers to bathe at least once a day and go on from there.

3. I've got nothing sweet to report on. Andrew and Justin have done a great job updating with cool stuff. Jason's a bitch.

4. I want to pass 3 out of 4 of my classes this semester. If I do that, then I'd consider this semester a complete success. The academic semester.


I don't know if this was ever used in a movie, but this would go so well with some epic showdown gunfight, i.e. the matrix. It's still my cup of tea for the moment, this shit makes me want to candyflip and just go nuts in some sweaty club with a bunch of drug kids dressed in technicolor and girls that look like this:

might as well be gasoline.

This mix came out a while back in September but I've only gotten around to listen to it fully now. Supposedly made for peoples in heartbreak, but it certainly isn't a downer by any means. Filled with of-the-moment indie rock dance remixes, it's been the background music for me as I read up on Russian billionaire oligarchs and their respective pieces of gold digging poon (like Dasha up there) instead of studying modern Chinese history.

Drastik Pleasures (mp3) - zShare


1. Drastik Pleasures Intro
2. The Paradise - In Love With You vs Justin Timberlake - My Love (Drastik edit)
3. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
4. Juvelen - Watch Your Step (Krazy Fiesta Remix)
5. Infadels - Love Like Semtex (Metronomy Remix)
6. The Sounds - Rock N Roll
7. Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Cousin Cole Edit)
8. Robots In Disguise - Turn It Up
9. Electric Soft Parade - If Thats The Case, Then I Don’t Know
10. Junior Boys Ft. Andi Tomi - In The Morning
11. Feist - Sea Lion (Chromeo Remix)
12. Shout Out Out Out Out - Forever Indebted
13. New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (VanShe Tech Remix)
14. Scissor Sisters - I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Linus Loves Vox)
15. Hot Chip - My Piano (Dj Kicks Edit)
16. Zoot Woman - It’s Automatic
17. The Bird And The Bee - Fuckin’ Boyfriend
18. Air - Mer De Japon
19. GoodBooks - Leni (Crystal Castles Remix)
20. Ladytron - Discotraxx
21. The Futureheads - Skip To The End (Digitalism Remix)
22. Mstrkrft - She’s Good For Business
23. Dragonette - I Get Around
24. Dragonette - I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
25. Shout Out Louds - The Comeback (Big Slippa Mix by Ratatat)
26. Wolfmother - Woman (Mstrkrft Remix)
27. Supersystem - Miracle
28. The Scanners - Lowlife (L.A Riots Remix)
29. Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye (Curtis Vodka Edit)
30. Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Cousin Cole Edit)
31. Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
32. Digitalism - Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
33. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)
34. Modest Mouse - Float On
35. Lcd Soundsystem - Someone Great (Drastik Edit)
36. Dead Disco - The Treatment (Metronomy Remix)
37. Tv On The Radio - Snakes And Martyrs
38. Architecture in Helsinki - Heart It Races (A-Trizzy’s Rusty Tin Can Mix)
39. Mark Ronson Feat. Daniel Merriweather - Stop Me
40. Fibes, Oh Fibes! - Get Up

This one is from Justice. Not so much indie rock tracks here, a lot of funk and disco mixed with distorted synths.

Justice - Klubbing Einslive (mp3) zShare

or if you want, the longer 2 hour version of roughly the same setlist:

Justice - Essential Mix

Earth Wind And Fire ‘In The Stone’
Janet Jackson ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’
Prince ‘Earthquake’
Dmx Crew ‘Unknown’
Daft Punk :’Musique’
Busy P ‘Rainbow Man’
France Gall ‘Musique’
Justice ‘Valentine’
Alan Braxe ‘In Love With You’
M83 ‘Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix)’
Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Sometimes'
I Robot ‘Spacer Frau (Boys Noize Remix)’
Hall And Oates ‘Private Eyes’
Chromeo ‘Tenderoni’
Tepr ‘Minuit Jacuzzi (Data Remix)
Chic ‘Everybody Dance’
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Shadows’
Goose ‘Bring It On’
The Proxy ‘Destroy’
Zongamin ‘Double Dostiev’
Zombie Nation ‘Tape Me’
Boule Noire ‘Super Lady’
Chemical Brothers ‘It Doesn’t Matter’
Tc Crew ‘Unknown’
Surkin ‘Unknown’
Dj Mehdi ‘Lucky Boy (Surkin Remix)’
Vamp ‘Outlander’
Fields ‘Unknown (Sebastian Remix)’
Feadz ‘Sekstyle’
Jamelia ‘Something About You (Mr Oizo Remix)’
Jesse Velez ‘Fire’
Justice ‘D.A.N.C.E’.(Live Version)
Surkin ‘Radio Fireworks’
Soundhack ‘Freakin’
Justice ‘Stress’
Zzt ‘Lower States’
Justice ‘Stress’
Scenario Rock ‘Both Gotta Move On’
Vanessa Paradis ‘Be My Baby’
The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’
Breakbot ‘Happy Rabbit’
Jacques Dutronc ‘Les Cactus’
Justice ‘Dvno’
Kavinsky ‘Testarossa Autodrive’
LFO ‘Freak’
Mr Oizo ‘Lotus Suite Koln’
Autorepeat ‘Most Keys Are Auto Repeat’ (Soundhack)
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Into The Galaxy’
Buggles ‘Elstree’
Das Pop ‘Underground’
Gilbert O Sullivan ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’
Human League ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’
Savas Pascalidis ‘Defend It’
Rainbow Brothers ‘Unknown’
Chromeo ‘Ah Oui Comme Ca’
Leonard De Leonard ‘Leonizer’
Ian Pooley ‘Chord Memory –(Daft Punk Mix)’
Human League ‘Don’t You Want Me’
The Prodigy ‘Girls’
Klaxons ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)’
Paraone ‘Liege’
Daniel Balavoine ‘Vivre Ou Survivre’
Miss Kittin ‘Requiem For A Hit (Gegm Remix)’
Mr Oizo ‘Stunt’
Handycap ‘Murphy’
The Rave ‘Mother’
Fancy ‘Inside Of You’
Syreeta Wright ‘Sweet As Candy’
Modest Mussorgsky ‘Night On A Bald Mountain’
Joni Mitchell ‘California’

Top __ of 2007 soon.

real news

floyd mayweather says the mavs are going all the way this year.

(video of his post-fight interview, standing with buddy mark cuban, to be posted later.)

oh yeah, j ho is a FUCKING hoss.

player card watch.

for all professional athletes, everyone has to go through the pain that is their rookie season. they get little respect, they have to do the veteran players' bitch work, and they are often times the targets of pranks. espn has added another level to this, by not giving many nba rookies proper player card pictures. let's examine.

yi jianlian:

look how optimistic he looks. that's an "i'm ready to play in the nba and looking forward to the future" kind of look. that's also a "there are no black people in china to play basketball with" look. optimism, meet real competition.

sean williams:

"god i can't wait to get done with this season so i can get a real picture."

glen davis:

does that not look like a young shaq? of course, he wont be as good, but the resemblance is there.

jared dudley:

this one might be the worst i've seen so far...someone actually chose this picture to represent him on espn.com. if police were given only this picture and were told to find him, i don't think they could do it.

juan carlos navarro:

he's putting up decent numbers as a rook, and this is what he gets in return.

no respect.


On ho's:

"Not only am I the most attractive player in Cleveland, I am the most attractive player in the NBA. If I decide to go out to dinner or a club after a game, you'll never see Damon Jones running behind any women. I don't have to. Women choose. If a woman is interested in Damon Jones, she's going to have to pursue me or we will never meet. I don't have to pursue any woman. I have what every woman wants. I'm attractive, I'm charismatic, I'm rich. I'm every woman's dream."

On clothes:

"D-Wade was a sweat suit and jeans type of guy. I think my flair kind of propelled him to what he is off the basketball floor. A lot of guys say they don't like it. It doesn't look good. Now I'm starting to see a lot of guys taking on my style. What sets guys apart and puts me way ahead of everybody else is my great shirt and tie combinations. The biggest fashion mistake is trying to reach my level. That cannot and will not happen. No one will ever be able to put clothes on the way I do."

- The Mayor of this here town

RG101 via c+d

and just for good measure, the foundation for this shit:

one more post today

the most dangerously drunk cities in the US

keep in mind this is the most dangerously drunk cities (taking into account death rates, alcohol-related arrests, and things of that nature), not the drunkest.

things to note:

  • texas has 4 in the top 10 most dangerously drunk cities (san antonio, austin, lubbock, and el paso). i dont know if that's hilarious or scary.
  • of course, austin is way up there as the 7th dangerously drunk city. represent...i think.
  • not to be outdone, colorado has 2 cities in the top 3, with denver topping this list.
  • surprisingly, nyc was the 8th least dangerous. however, with no research to back up this statement, nyc has to be in the top 10 for most dangerously cracked out.
  • i should have written this post drunk.
that's all for today, unless i decide to not study for my international business test. i'll put my chances of updating tonight at 58%.

the music of seal on ice?

holy shit, who's with me?

(it's worth pointing out, this incredible event is brought to you by...apple sauce.)