Floyd Mayweather does not believe in Treasury Bonds. STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY.

Anthony Fasano: Badass

McOrgy: A Trip Report

So I had read about the McGangBang on UrbanDictionary: a mindmelting combination of Dollar Menu goodness. Obviously, I had to take it to the next step. The next frontier. It's the American way.

Here it goes:

Background: 1 am Monday. I had just woken up from a nap and had not ate dinner.

This is what I managed to find in my pockets.

Mel coppin out
I tried to get Mel to come but she copped out. Like a WUSS.

I start heading out of the garage.

Down 24th

The Promised Land.


Of course the D's is packed at 1 am.

Horrible design idea that should never have made it past incubation.

I put in my order.


Maybe it's jesus telling me something, but the elevators were broken when I got back.

Started making my way up.

This doesn't translate very well.

The two innocent participants have no idea what they're about to go through.

'Spread it apart...'

'That's it sweetheart... just relax... it'll feel good... I promise'

'Almost there...'

'See that wasn't so bad, was it?'

'You look so pretty...'



Honestly, it's exactly what you'd expect. I personally had my hopes a little too high. It tastes like McDonald's. That's the best way I can describe it. I doubt I'm ever gonna try it again. It's like how a guy will lose interest in a girl as soon as he sleeps with her. 'Been there, done that.'


random thoughts.

  • “ We’ve played so bad that we actually have something to play for now.”
    -Detroit Lions kicker Jason Hanson, on the prospect of the team going 0-16 this season.
    good luck with that, with a bunch of teams looking to get into the playoffs (vikings, saints, colts, and packers) left on your schedule.
  • industrial music will never be bigger than it was with nine inch nails, and of course, rammstein's DU HAST. haha that song is pure awesome.
  • some obscure football rules. pretty interesting...someone explain the faircatch kick to me.
  • thoughts on 808s and heartbreak: it's alright. it's not as doom and gloom as i thought when i first listened to it (this ones a creeper...it grows on you), but it feels second-rate and put together in a hurry. maybe this is kanye's pinkerton, and look how everyone looks at that album now. i'm holding out hope that i'm right, but i'll be honest, it's not looking good. apparently though, Ye says he'll have another album out by june...
  • "I'm really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada. I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about, but enjoy the game tonight."
    -Stars center Sean Avery, on ex-gf elisha cuthbert dating Calgary defenseman Dion Phaneuf; according to espn, she also "had been romantically linked to Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens. Avery also dated Rachel Hunter, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and actress who is now the girlfriend of Los Angeles Kings center Jarrett Stoll." awesome quote, but shit, i'll take dirty thirds. i'm ok with that.
  • bob stoops can suck a dick, that smug motherfucker.

what texas needs.

courtesy of albert:

Assuming a Thanksgiving win, Texas goes to Miami if:

*Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma - UT will be the highest ranked Big 12 team in the BCS regardless of what happens in Kansas City between TT and Mizzou
*Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, beats out UT in the BCS, but loses to Mizzou
*Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State but fails to beat out UT in the BCS
*Florida State beats Florida who then beats Alabama (UT vs. ??)
*Auburn beats Alabama who then beats Florida (UT vs. ??)
*Baylor beats Texas Tech and Texas beats Missouri

The Bullshit BCS, Pollsters, and ignorant Texas fans

Last night after the BCS rankings were released, I saw about 50 people's Facebook status say something along the lines of: "National Champoins BABY!!!" or "#2!!!!!" or "FUCK OU."

Okay. That's fine, but how come no one knows that OU still has to lose next week at Stillwater, and Tech would have to lose at home to Baylor if we wanted to make the Big 12 Championship? All I'm saying is, hold your horses and quit spamming my Facebook news feed with ignorance.

Stewart Mandel writes about it here. Don't bother reading the comments below. People are still retarded.

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

01. Say You Will 6:17
02. Welcome To Heartbreak Ft. Kid Cudi 4:23
03. Heartless 3:31
04. Amazing Ft. Young Jeezy 3:58
05. Love Lockdown 4:30
06. Paranoid Ft. Mr. Hudson 4:37
07. RoboCop 4:34
08. Street Lights 3:09
09. Bad News 3:58
10. See You In My Knightmares Ft. Lil Wayne 4:18
11. Coldest Winter 2:45
12. Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live From Singapore) (Bonus) 6:01


Why Citi is laying off everyone...

You may have read this morning that Citigroup is laying off tons of people, but the real reason isn't because of write-downs or the credit crunch crisis. It's much worse. The problem originates from their credit card business. See why here.


courtesy of anthony.

Yerrow Fever

Mail order brides aren't what they used to be.

my pledge.

"we pledge to embrace our 'underdog' status and play better than everyone is expecting us to play."

cheer up mavs-land, it's not nearly as bad as you think. we are still in heavy contention for that elusive crown. this is my pledge to you.

more on the mavs later this weekend, after we kick houston's ass tonight.

BRrr BrrR. BRRrrrrrr

dude i fucked nfl this week

1) BET ID=259948111
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 100.00 to win 315.00Result: Wager Lost
Rams(StLouis) 16
Patriots(NewEngland) 23
10/26/08(13:05 ET)
Rams(StLouis) +315

2) BET ID=259948110
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 100.00 to win 90.93 (paid 190.93)Result: Wager Won
Raiders(Oakland) 10
Ravens(Baltimore) 29
10/26/08(13:05 ET)
Ravens(Baltimore) -8

3) BET ID=259948109
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 150.00 to win 180.00 (paid 330.00)Result: Wager Won
Giants(NewYork) 21
Steelers(Pittsburgh) 14
10/26/08(16:20 ET)
Giants(NewYork) +120

4) BET ID=259948108
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 20.00 to win 34.00Result: Pending
10/27/08(20:40 ET)
Colts(Indianapolis) +170

5) BET ID=259948107
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 100.00 to win 150.00 (paid 250.00)Result: Wager Won
Chargers(SanDiego)(N) 32
Saints(NewOrleans)(N) 37
10/26/08(13:10 ET)
Saints(NewOrleans)(N) +150

6) BET ID=259948106
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40 (paid 286.40)Result: Wager Won
Cardinals(Arizona) 23
Panthers(Carolina) 27
10/26/08(13:05 ET)
Over 43

7) BET ID=259948105
Straight Wager10/26/08 11:43 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40 (paid 286.40)Result: Wager Won
Buccaneers(TampaBay) 9
Cowboys(Dallas) 13
10/26/08(13:05 ET)
Under 40.5


sam and i just decided we are going to hedge our emotion for this saturday's Texas game. We are going to bet on Missouri(paying 1.9 to 1) so if Texas loses. hey at least made some money and if Texas wins, yeah Hook um horns 

1) BET ID=257484995
Straight Wager10/05/08 17:11 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.38Result: Wager Lost
Steelers(Pittsburgh) 26
Jaguars(Jacksonville) 21
10/05/08(20:30 ET)
Under 37.5

2) BET ID=257384089
Straight Wager10/05/08 12:40 ET
bet 250.00 to win 208.38 (paid 458.38)Result: Wager Won
Bears(Chicago) 34
Lions(Detroit) 7
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Bears(Chicago) -3 (-120)

3) BET ID=257283599
Straight Wager10/05/08 07:51 ET
bet 150.00 to win 157.50Result: Wager Lost
Colts(Indianapolis) 31
Texans(Houston) 27
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Texans(Houston) +3 (+105)

4) BET ID=257015726
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 600.00 to win 545.40 (paid 1145.40)Result: Wager Won
Bills(Buffalo) 17
Cardinals(Arizona) 41
10/05/08(16:20 ET)
Over 44.5

5) BET ID=257015696
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40Result: Wager Lost
Redskins(Washington) 23
Eagles(Philadelphia) 17
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Over 42.5

6) BET ID=257015680
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 250.00 to win 227.33 (paid 477.33)Result: Wager Won
Chiefs(KansasCity) 0
Panthers(Carolina) 34
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Panthers(Carolina) -9.5

7) BET ID=257015663
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:48 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40Result: Wager Lost
Chargers(SanDiego) 10
Dolphins(Miami) 17
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Chargers(SanDiego) -6.5

8) BET ID=257015620
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:48 ET
bet 300.00 to win 300.00 (paid 300.00)Result: No Action
Titans(Tennessee) 13
Ravens(Baltimore) 10
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Titans(Tennessee) -3 (even)


NFL bets for now

1) BET ID=257015726
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 600.00 to win 545.40
Result: Pending
10/05/08(16:20 ET)
Over 44.5

2) BET ID=257015696
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40Result: Pending
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Over 42.5

3) BET ID=257015680
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:49 ET
bet 250.00 to win 227.33Result: Pending
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Panthers(Carolina) -9.5

4) BET ID=257015663
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:48 ET
bet 150.00 to win 136.40Result: Pending
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Chargers(SanDiego) -6.5

5) BET ID=257015620
Straight Wager10/04/08 00:48 ET
bet 300.00 to win 300.00Result: Pending
10/05/08(13:05 ET)
Titans(Tennessee) -3 (even)