Carrying on Tradition.

Remind you guys of anything?

"One of the weakest links in the exam system was the authentication of examinee identity. Without photography, fingerprinting, or other means of authentication that are available to us today, examiners relied on verbal descriptions of candidates for identification. Consequently, hiring substitutes to take exams, particularly at the low-level prefectural exams, was quite commonplace. During the late Qing dynasty, as many as 30%–40% of prefectural examinees were illegal hired substitutes.

Other common cheating methods included bringing and using concealed cheat sheets and notes, communicating with outside confederates, and bribing exam officers. Cheat notes were found in pockets, inside linings of clothes, hollowed soles of shoes, baked bread and cakes, handles of pens, hollowed bases of ink slabs, and hollowed bases of carrying cases; were written on undergarments; and were even written on undergarments with invisible ink (made from herbal medicine). The ink became visible when rubbed with dirt. Communicating with outside confederates was done by tying sheets to rocks and secretly throwing them over walls of the guarded exam compound. Candidates would also use carrier pigeons to send notes back and forth, and signals were also sent using lanterns on long poles or even fireworks displays."
- Chronic Consequences of High-Stakes Testing? Lessons from the Chinese Civil Service Exam via University of Chicago

And we thought we were doing something new and crazy.

But at least we were carrying on tradition. Heads up high, gentlemen.

Some games this week!

It's been awhile since I've posted due to having 2 tests a week for 3 consecutive weeks.

Games to watch this week:

Texas at Baylor - We should win this. Yeah, it's Baylor, but I'm predicting that they will be picking our LBs apart all game. Have you seen Killebrew play coverage? He doesn't. Slot receivers for the Bears will have a huge game. Our offense should have no problem moving the ball through the air.

Red Sox at Indians, Game 5 - Could this be it for the Red Sox? I hope not. Down 3-1 in the series, and the starting pitcher is Beckett. Assuming the Bosox prevail, and Schilling shuts down the Indians offense in game 6, that leaves Dice-K to pitch game 7 at Fenway. Talk about pressure for Matsuzaka, who has yet to show up for a post season game.

Vikings at Dallas - AD aka Adrian Peterson will be shut down. It will be fun watching Roy Williams getting trucked by his fellow ex-Sooner. Also, Cedric Griffin on TO should be a fun match up to watch. Brian Robison will also be starting for the Vikings.

Titans at Houston - For all the VY fans out there, this one should be interesting. Last year in OT, VY took the ball in for the game winning touchdown. Now, no one knows if Vince will be playing on Sunday due to his quad injury. No, the madden curse is stupid, and it isn't real. If Young ends up playing, should be pretty interesting.

I hope the Patriots keep winning. Keep winning, maybe even go undefeated, and then just lose out in the play offs. This team is so smug (see below), and I hate Rodney Harrison so much. Last year against the Titans, they stuck in Testaverde to throw a touchdown pass to set a record for most consecutive seasons(20) with a TD pass even though the game was pretty much over. How about that Doug Flutie drop kick the year before? I hate the Pats. It's okay. They will lose at the end of the season, and that's all I will say about that.

tom brady is a goat fucker.

true story. you heard it here first.

"At the end of the game, Brady let backup fullback Kyle Eckel score a 1-yard touchdown instead of notching his 22nd touchdown pass. Eckel is from Navy. It was a tribute to coach Bill Belichick's father, who spent so much of his career at Navy."
via espn

So that unnecessary TD with less than a minute left in the game by the Pats, who were already up 14, was a tribute to Bill Belichick's dad?

Fuck Bill Belichick's dad.

a few things i've wanted to blog about:

1) first and foremost, props to the colorado rockies for winning 18 of their last 19, but even more so to the players, who they themselves decided (with no prodding from upper management, i might add) to give a full share of their playoff earnings (which could end up being quite a bit the way they are playing, probably ending up in the $100K-$300k range depending on how they finish) to the family of the deceased rockies minor league baseball coach, who was killed earlier this year by a line drive foul ball that tragically hit him in the head. relative to what some of the players make, it may not seem like that much, but i really do commend them for such a gesture. sometimes people forget it's just a game (myself included...i take losses pretty hard), but when something sad like this happens and people band together to do some good, it really shows the true heart of sports and what it's really all about. pro's have given/can give back so much more to the community than people realize, and this is one shinning example of compassion that should be followed by all.

2) antoine walker is still fat...about the only thing consistent in his career, other than being a complete douche bag (though i kinda felt sorry that he got tied up and robbed in his own house. but only kind of). methinks he buried his feelings over the robbery by eating an exorbitant amount of polish sausage.

quote from espn:
"And in this case, Riley would define "optimum" as 235 pounds with 7 percent body fat. Riley estimated that Walker weighed 262 pounds with 15 percent body fat at the start of camp."

amazing. remember folks, don't try this at home...apparently he's a professional athlete.

3) "Like Moss, Owens has made a decided effort to integrate with the team. He is a regular fixture, along with running back Marion Barber and linebacker Bradie James, in the lunch-time dominoes games in the Valley Ranch locker room."

how awesome would it be to get in on that? i bet it gets pretty crazy in there.

4) stephen jackson's new tattoo:

let me answer your question: yes, that is a tattoo of praying hands holding a gun. jesus would have loved that.

apparently the meaning behind this subtle tattoo is his praying that he never has to deal with guns again. man, that's so deep i might have to re-evaluate my own life. seriously. no, seriously.

though to his credit, tim duncan, a pretty credible source i'd have to say, calls him the "ultimate teammate," and he's received similar compliments from the likes of don nelson, rick carlisle, and others. just watching him play, it's easy to see why his teammates love him, as he is fiercely loyal to those with him and plays a very tough, passionate game (sometimes more so than necessary).

not like this hasn't been said before, but the mavs need/ed a person of his type on the team, not so much for his skills, which are good in itself, but for his mental toughness and a gang mentality he brings to the table (combo of stack and eddie jones bringing that fire this year?). we were jockin bitches in our run to the finals in 2006 with that kind of gang attitude, but for some reason or another, it felt like that was entirely missing from the outset of the playoffs last year.

great quote from jackson, to end this section:
"I knew Baron [Davis] was a G, when I came to the team and he smoked me out the first night I was in town."

classic. if that's what encourages team-building, then j-ho needs to open up his stash and start spreading the wealth.

5) i love player cards on websites not only because they have comprehensive stats, but they also have some un/intentionally funny profile pictures.

exhibit A: Michael Strahan

i just don't know how to describe it. one of the most feared defensive ends of all time has one of the most harmless photographs i've ever seen. 68% chance he's gay. though to go along with my theme of feeling bad for players, it sucks his wife took $15 million from him in their divorce settlement (over half his assets). prenup, man, prenup.

exhibit B: zach randolph

though it took some searching, i found my favorite, zach randolph's pic from last year (which has since been changed from what i labeled "bashful zach" to "looks like i just got beat up zach").

to ------>

i'll post some more whenever they come up. i thought about being really dedicated to this blog and going through every nba team roster to look for funny pictures, but after going through the mavs and halfway through the rockets, my better judgment slapped me in the face and i decided to stop.

6) one last thing:


i'm so excited about this weekend's game. no prediction from me on it; i'm just ready to enjoy a helluva good game. we lose, then fine, at least we get a good look at the team we're playing in the super bowl.

funny stuff.

i hate ksu too, so i found this hilarious:

take that take that take that take that

Definitely the best MNF I have ever witnessed. Despite one of the worst QB playing in the NFL, on par with Grossman, the Cowboys pulled one out of their asses.

I don't know how many different bad situations we had to sweat. From the interceptions to the missed conversion to the on-side kick to the incomplete pass to that bitch ass Dick Jauron. And yet we triumph. YAAAAHHHH, BITCH, YAAAAHHHH!

Oh, a big fuck you to all the pats fans out there.

next level shit

Travis barker cements himself as black people's favorite white boy.

Soulja Boy is truly awesome. Hes got a lackey called A-RAB!

baydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydinbaydin ape!

Texas v. OU

Expert (HAHA) picks:

sad to say, but like everyone else, i predict a loss for texas, which is basically devastating to any goals we had for this season. yeah ou lost last week too, but they gave it away to colorado, and plus, they were in boulder. texas, on the other hand, was at home, played like shit, was thoroughly outcoached, and most, if not all, of our problems were exposed. like the kind of exposed where someone pulls down your pants and spanks you in public. and all of this in front of UT's greatest alum, the honorable vince young. this team of slackers should be ashamed.

we'll somehow keep the score close, but we'll clearly get outplayed: 24-13, lame asses.

that said, we'll hope for a surprise, and HOOK EM HORNS!


It's halftime right now. The 'Horns are playing a great game. Great offensive play calling, and we're moving the chains and had two good efficient touchdown drives.

We need to stop giving up 40+ yards on kickoffs.

OU has a good run defense. Keep airing it over the middle.

Great job on the defense. More pressure needs to be put on Bradford for us to win. He has way too much time to pick our secondary apart. HUGE first half for Foster and Palmer.

Hopefully, our inexperienced O-line doesn't get fatigued in the 2nd half.

- Sam

Is it really that hard to hold on to a football when that's what you practice everyday?

I wish I could've seen this being made/THOUGHT OF IT!

Also, reference:


Great article written by Stewart Mandel. Talks about VY, and why the 'Horns can't get it together. One quote that blows my mind is this one:

"McCoy's position coach, [Greg] Davis, puts more of the onus on his quarterback -- and himself.

'There are times [Colt] is putting pressure on himself to [deliver] a perfect play,' said Davis. 'I feel like I have contributed to Colt's pressure because I've probably given him too many choices [at the line of scrimmage]. We might want to go back and limit some of those things.'"

Please. Don't do that. "Too many choice??" If you were wondering what direction GD would take the Texas offense, there you go. Dammit!

Color Blind.

Meet Renato: a pasta-loving, Dean Martin-worshipping Italian-American living la dolce vita and working at his papa’s Little Italy deli. Until his African-American birth parents show up, claiming he’s their long-lost son Leroy. Now that he’s suddenly black, “Leroy” tries his best to shoot hoops and dig hip-hop, but all he really wants is for everyone to just get along!

WTF, Turk? Nice to see the Fat One getting some work. He did have one of the most balla houses on Cribs besides Richard Branson and Russell Simmons.

Cunt Is The New Black

MMM S/S 08


'Computer Music'

Best part at around 4:00

I'll totally admit to not really giving two shits about Daft Punk till Stronger came out. I just remembered One More Time playing a lot on Kiss FM back in junior high. I'm pretty sure I still don't like electronic music much, but this stuff is too irresistible. Disco + Arena Rock + Laser Pyramid + Robot Helmets + Dior Homme Costumes + Pop Structures = good shit.

Fuck what Herng thinks.

In Rainbows by Radiohead

Regardless of actual quality of music, Radiohead's new release comes with a premise that is close to revolutionary in today's cash-flow stagnant music market. With their LP "In Rainbows" the influential band has decided to release the album themselves, however, you can download the "digital disc" directly from Radiohead, giving as much or as little as you want for the download. In much more un-revolutionary way, you can also buy the "discbox" (pictured on left) for $80. While it is perfectly possible that this idea has been used before, and I'm actually pretty sure it has, for a band with a presence as large as Radiohead's to do so really turns heads.

Still (not) living the dream!

Instead of ranting, I'm going to think about happy thoughts and post a video of how awesome we used to be:

vince to ut football: quit being bitches.

one more way to describe vy: wise beyond his years. the man may lack in book smarts, but he has everything else in great abundance. i can't stress enough how incredible this man is.