sorry frankie muniz...

...but your team sucks again. you know, i was actually looking forward to seeing what the davis/brand pairing would have been like (since apparently it was soooooo obvious brand was staying in la). but now that both maggette and brand are gone, with davis and kaman the exceptions, boy is that team scrub-tacular.

i don't blame elton for leaving. i'm sure he liked the city just fine, and him and the terrorist would have made a disgustingly good pair. it's obvious he didn't leave for the money (edit: nm...apparently the clips offered him $20 mil less in a "take or leave it" deal. even though he missed almost all of last season, that sounds pretty stingy considering brand is an all-star and a longstanding cornerstone and fan-favorite of the "other" LA team). i'm sure he looked at the list of teams in the west, compared it with the east, said "fuck dat," packed his bags, and left. whoops!

sorry clipper fans, if last season wasn't sign enough, welcome back to the dredges of mediocrity, and even worse, no playoff hopes. ahhh, everything is back to normal in clipper land.

this is the only championship (to go along with your big donut of league, conference, and division titles) you'll be having for a while:

i guess it's still early in the offseason, but still...


(and the answer is yes, white people, you can right click and use that picture of the only white man to ever win the dunk contest, apparently "doin his thing," as your desktop wallpaper.)


btw, what is frankie muniz doing nowadays?

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Sam said...

In response,

I didn't knw that about Brent Barry.

Frankie Muniz is getting his dick sucked. Or sucking dick. I dont know. Either way, hilarious.