A New Hero

Paradorn Srichaphan w/ wife Natalie Glebova

I found out about this dude via a kind-of-funny-but-not-really-that-funny article called 'Why I Hate Michael Chang'. You'll probably click the link cause of the title, but its just the author bashing Michael Chang cause Chang wasn't tall. And also cause white people assumed they were related. Like they always do.

Anyways, the guy above is Paradorn Srichaphan, some decently big time tennis player from Thailand. Much, much more important is the fact that he managed to land the former Miss Universe.

Round of applause, please. I can wait.

Obviously I share nothing in common with this man besides vague stereotypes. He's large and athletic and I am obviously not. BUT even though this guy proves Enoch can land hot white girls (shout out to Melissa!) more than anything about me, I'll consider this a small slice of justice in the world.

Note: What if only justice was always served in the form of Miss Universes? Of any race, of course. Anything else would be racist.

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