Movie Review: Dark Knight

Shit, I'll just throw it out there... Awesome. 

Andrew, I don't know if China has the movie, but you need to watch it. I won't spoil anything except for that fact that Edison Chen's cameo is such a let down. I thought he was really going to do something, but he doesn't. He's in the movie for about... 10 seconds. He says something to Morgan Freeman, turns around, and that's the end. You don't even get to see his full face or anything. 

Very well done. 


Justin said...

I'm watching this monday. I didn't read anything you wrote cept about edison chen. i wish i didnt cause i didnt even know he was in it.

i am super pumped.

Andrew said...

dude no doubt about it. i've been anticipating this shit since the last one came out.

i'm gonna have to wait till taiwan i think, dammit.

Albert said...

Andrew when you get back we're hittin up the IMAX to watch it. Mark your calendar.