Matty Ice for Heisman!

Okay, I'll give you Reggie Bush. He won the Heisman. Jared Zabransky beat OU in the Fiesta Bowl. But Matt Ryan??? WTF?

Gentlemen and Gentlemen, the cover for NCAA 09*:

Add this money to the $72 million Arthur Blank and the Falcons are throwing at him. This makes him higher paid than... hmm... every single QB in the NFL.

...and somewhere Jason is pre-ordering this game.

DJC'ers, what do y'all think??

*Note: This cover is only for the PS3 version. For the XBox 360 version, it's Darren McFadden. Since no one really has the PS3, this only makes sense for the Matt Ryan cover.


Justin said...

did you really write this, lydia?

this has got to be sam

Jason said...

i know right i looked at the posted by thing at least 20 times.