yellow fever?

after doing a search on wikipedia for sinophile, then doing the link clicking and going to yellow fever, then to asian fetishism, I finally arrived at the article for "rice queen." now i've never heard of this term, but it find it pretty funny. it's gay slang for a non-asian dude who wants the balls of an asian guy.

but that's not why i posted on this. my favorite part of this webpage is the hilarious slang at the end of the article:

"Other terms that refer to staples and are used in contrast to this term are "sticky rice" (Asian males who prefer other Asian males), "potato queens" (Asian men who prefer Caucasian men), "mashed potato" (Caucasian men who prefer Caucasian men) "bean queens" (men who prefer Hispanic men) and "refried beans" (Hispanic and Latino men who prefer other Hispanic and Latino men)."

hahaha sticky rice and refried beans. i've never heard anyone use these terms before. i must be out of the loop. though i don't think i want to be in that loop (no homo).

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Betty said...

hahaha i must be out of the loop then as well. bean queens. i love it.