the most coverage the history of 51st picks will ever get.

in the spirit of interesting names of 51st picks (shan is pronounced "shane"), i give you three more from drafts past:

1. JamesOn Curry, 2007 - who else was in the room with me that night when we thought that was a typo? wrong. not a typo, just retarded.

2. Lawrence Funderburke, 1994 - this one has always been a favorite of mine since i stumbled upon his basketball card as a kid. just say it out loud. it's fun!...derburke.

3. Spencer Dunkley, 1993 - i hope my future wife is okay with spencer dunkley lo. it's a damn shame he never made noise in the nba; what a waste of a name. should have been invited to be at least a judge in the dunk contest, if not a participant.

that's all i got. i still can't get over Dunkley though.

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