a lot of sports ranting.

wrote most of this sometime last week...

would you like to suggest any proxy websites to me or some other way to undermine the chinese government?

lydia needs to go back and post the "taking procrastination to the next level" draft. good stuff. had myself a good laugh. enoch will appreciate the foosball table lol.

"All that bullshit-ass calls they had out there. With Mike [Callahan] and Kenny [Mauer] -- you've all seen that shit," Wallace said. "You saw them calls. The cats are flopping all over the floor and they're calling that shit. That shit ain't basketball out there. It's all fuckin' entertainment. You all should know that shit. It's all fuckin' entertainment."
-rasheed wallace (with my interpreting where [expletive] was written in)

o rly?!?!?!? old news for mavs fans everywhere, or anyone who has been wronged by manu gifloppili, and more importantly, dwyane "phantom foul" wade (seriously, did his mom have dyslexia? can someone verify this for me?).

on a similar note, the league decides that it will start to fine the floppers next year. i bet that'll turn out great. how do you gauge the degree of floppy-ness (no homo)? this new policy is stupid, and i hope it fails. shouldnt this just be up to the referee's discretion?...

...oh wait...we have these kinds of things cause refs suck. funny that joey crawford was at the center of the one of the more obvious foul calls known to man (could it be anyone else? maybe bennett salvatore). i hate defending the spurs, but derek fisher jumping on brent barry (still cracks me up that he won a dunk contest)? that was a black on white crime, one step away from being able to be legally prosecuted. that's reffing 101 dude. yeah yeah yeah, shot clock should have been reset for the lakers on the previous possession, but cmon. this one was way more obvious. that's taking "let the boys play" to an extreme. and btw, stern-inator, i'm still waiting for my apology for the 2006 finals. still waiting...and waiting...

lakers and celts in the finals? fine, both great teams. but what a fucking set up by the league. they're loving every second of this. i become more and more skeptical with each season. i think it's a by-product of being a mavs fan. thank god the nba is currently banned from tv in china (bc of recent criticism by players on tibet and sudan; edit: ban was uplifted before the finals), or else i'd be pummeled by ridiculous comparisons of the old 80's celts/lakers rivalry (can't really categorize the even older lakers/celts matchups as rivaly...more like a pummeling) and this years finals. dont even try. that was a rivalry too intense for this to even come close to comparing and has nothing to do with this finals, except for sharing the same team names. sensationalism in sports coverage (or just mainstream news in general) is a disease.

as a side note, can we start making bets on when the knicks will become successful again? when does stern secretly demand teams trade their respective superstars to the knicks, a la the celts? there is no way the sonics and timberwolves both didnt know of the other trade happening. there had to have been other offers (though to be fair, al jefferson will be a beast, and i guess the sonics garnered some extra cap space too). was this not a case of mchale giving a nod to his former nba alma mater? that's as close to a superstar monopoly as you could get in the nba. dont give me this "these players have been loyal to us for a long time so we'll give in to their demands" bullshit. this is still a business, dammit. (and yeah...cause the sonics ownership is the perfect example of an organization run with integrity.) or do the knicks get to trade bullshit for a legit star player, like kwame brown for pau gasol? we get investigated for stack's "i'm staying here" comments, but nothing is said about a retarded turd (makes damp look like shaq; ask justin how kwame takes care of himself) being traded for a player who actually knows what basketball is? i say the knicks are back in the next 2-3 years. once again, i'm probably angry just cause im a mavs fan.


stupid article, but there are some encouraging quotes from jkidd. maybe old age and his crazy bitch-ass ex-wife have mellowed him out. even after this season i still love jason kidd, and unless carlisle is playing everyone for fools, i think we're heading in the right direction. more mavs in a post called mavs eulogy 2008 that i've had saved as a draft for a month now...should be out any day now haha.

for future reference, espn writer jemele hill is seriously a terrible writer, and anything she writes should never be taken seriously. i've read a few of her articles (way more than i should have read), and all she writes is fluff, while constantly contradicting herself. barely anything she writes is based on fact, and it just seems like she makes shit up. horrible. i know espn thought they could knock out two demographics with this one, hill being both black and a woman (thus having twice the "attitude;" after reading her articles and getting a sense of her writing style, i get the feeling that's what espn wanted her to come across as), but the fact of the matter is that this has nothing to do with race or gender. she just sucks at research and writing.

ok i feel much better. really, i'm not this angry all the time.


Justin said...

ja adande is also a horrible writer. notice that theyre both black. shit so is steven a smith. AND scoop jackson tries too hard to bring in 'street cred' or hip hop flavor to his writing. it worked for Slam mag way back when, but not for espn.

lesson = black people can't write?

Sam said...

well written andrew. yeah, i feel you on the refing, im watchin game 3 right now, and the reffing is atrocious.