nba finals thoughts

i'll be commenting on other folk's posts on my own posts...cause i still can't comment in china. excellent posts by justin and enoch; have yet to check out the domo arigato post. yums and anti-energy drink = hilarious. obama = back to his roots. what kind of comments did you get on your houston post sam? lol hope you find something to do there. 'stros games? hahaha.

nba finals dilemma: who do i cheer for? i really didn't want boston to win the championship, so i thought i might cheer (maybe not so much cheer, but would rather have them win) for the lakers. but then i remembered,"wait, i fucking hate the lakers and have so for the entirety of my life." i mean, i like watching and being amazed by kobe just as much as any other nba fan, but i hate them. i mean, i come from the place where hack-a-shaq originated! so i guess the best i can hope for is a strike happening tomorrow, with no resolution to the finals. nba players union, make it happen!

anyway, onto my thoughts after the first two games of the nba finals:

1. defense beats offense? i think we're almost at the point of turning this into actual legislation (pats/giants anyone?). gotta have something to rely on when the shots arent falling.

2. brian scalabrine gets the most action he sees all playoffs...when he gets to carry paul pierce off the floor and into a wheelchair. google image this ginger. he looks like an oversized leprechaun. check out his wikipedia profile picture. hilarious. (i'm on another computer that uses only chinese...thus i dont know which one to choose to copy link image...embarrassing). and for the first time all year, the press goes to him for his reaction.

3. speaking of paul, first thing i thought about his injury wasnt that it was inspiring, but that it just might be a load of crap. yeah his comeback from injury was inspiring, yeah he made a few threes after coming back, but...he was gone for a minute and a half. he crumpled to the floor in EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!!!! pain, has to be carried by TWO teammates and placed onto a WHEELCHAIR (which reminds me of dwyane wade injuring his shoulder...and having to use a wheelchair. what?). so back in the locker room, doctor says (and i'm sure this is exactly how it went), "hey dude, get up and test out the knee." he gets up, tries some lateral movement, slaps on a sleeve on his right leg, and whaddya know? he's as strong as ever. that's some karate kid bullshit right there, except mr. miyagi isn't alive anymore (pour out a little liquor).

the point is, dont you dare compare him to willis reed, who played with a torn thigh muscle. and after seeing him go 9-16 for 28 points in game 2, i'm even more skeptical of his "sprained knee." do you know why we call him paul pussy pierce (or for shorthand, triple p)? cause that's exactly what he injures: his pussy.

4. on a related note, a priceless quote from celts coach doc rivers:

"A guy grabs his knee, you know, there's no good thoughts. Honestly I thought the worst. When they carried Paul off -- I've had the injury, I've seen it -- I just assumed it was the knee."

yeah, you usually assume that when HE GRABS HIS KNEE. i guess that's why they call him "Doc."

5. pau's numbers aren't pedestrian, per se, but his production against truly good teams has not been all that great. played well in game 1 against the spurs, but it seems like they figured him out after that (at least on the offensive end). and he's played just ok against the celtics. now i havent been able to watch any of these games so i can't attribute this to anything specific, but i thought that was at least worth mentioning.

6. More of those friendly wagers on sports championships between governors. Not really noteworthy, until i came upone this: "Schwarzenegger has promised to donate locally grown California food and wine to a charity of Patrick's choice." So which charity needs wine? one for homeless people perhaps? or maybe it's for the kids. or maybe they mean the wine is for charity functions, where rich people sip wine and make themselves feel good about...themselves.

7. for all my talk about the west being a beast these last 7 or 8 months, i'm pretty embarrassed. the west playoffs were pretty lame for the most part, and things are lookin grim for the lakers in the finals. what does that tell us? nothing, except that sports are unpredictable, and it's probably a waste of my time to read analyses and tout my own ideas on a blog lol.

by the way, a little over two weeks in, the mustache is horrible. you either don't notice it, or you notice it enough to know that i'm not capable of growing a righteous mustache. this has been the low point of my time in china hahaha. pics coming after my third week.


Justin said...

i still refuse to give boston any kind of credit. so what they got a huge lead, they also lost it up their asses and the game with it.

im rather disappointed in kobe's performance so far, but not as much as i am with the rest of the lakers. lamar odom pisses me off. for all the talk about how much he thrives as a 3rd option, he cant even handle holding on to some rebounds.

god i hate boston so much.

Sam said...

great post. your post are well written. andrew, replace michael kim on espn. actually, i dont even know if he writes or not. regardless, i think you should be a writer.