I now hate John Hollinger.

Caution to Mavs Fans:

This was on the front page of ESPN today.

On a lighter note, I finally found the YouTube clip of Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic after he was blown by the aging prehistoric Ray Allen.


Some staff dude reaches out to comfort him on his embarassing defense, and Sasha says, "F*ck man. [Kobe's gonna murder my ass once this series is over.]"

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Sam said...

Wow, greatest Finals performance ever???? Are you fucking serious? I'm so pissed off. Fuck you Enoch for posting that. I can't believe you're not pissed. I like how they said "...His basket attacks were so deadly because the Mavs couldn't stop fouling him. Wade shot a whopping 97 free throws in the six games -- the most of any player since the merger -- including 25 in Game 5." FUCK THAT. I'm so mad right now. Look at the Heat now? They're so embarrassing. Fuck the NBA for giving the Heat that series. Everyone knows that the 'B' in NBA is bullshit. FUCK I HATE D. WADE, PAT RILEY, SHAQ, JAMES POSEY, UDONIS FUCKING HASLEM, GARY PAYTON, ANTIONE FUCKING WALKER, JASON WILLIAMS, AND MIAMI HEAT FANS. What a joke, ESPN. Goes to show you that ESPN sucks the D.

That clip of Sasha was hilarious. His defense is awesome.