J-Ho can't stop partying...

At least this one is supposedly for a good cause...

Guess what?...OG Marquis Daniels will be there representin'. JHo also said that Kmart (Kenyon Martin) and Devin Harris will be there on K104 this morning. (Yes, I listen to K104 in the mornings in traffic hour...)

What do y'all think of Shan Foster? He seems like the athletic guard we desperately need that can shoot the 3 and throw down oops from Kidd. JHo obviously has his mind on other things and everyone knows Jerry Stackhouse is entering wash-up status.

Foster drops 42 on Miss State including 9 straight three-pointers

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Andrew said...

needs to work on his strength, i hear his defense is a little lackluster and as of right now, he's kind of one dimensional (shooter). we'll see.

probably time to get rid of stack...if that wasn't already painfully obvious last season, especially during the playoffs.

but don't give up on j-ho yet. dirk will always be #1 and put up his numbers cause he's dirk, but j-ho is the key. he plays like an allstar, instead of a pothead, our team performs like allstars (see 2007 season). if we can get him to think while he plays, and get back to doing the dirty work job (that nobody likes to do), we'll be right back in the thick of it.

after we fill the 9 empty roster spots, that is.