quick review on the new weezer album.

huge weezer fan here. got hooked on "buddy holly" and haven't stopped since.

quick recap of past albums: blue and pinkerton are two of the best albums ever in my book, green was charming in it's own machine-created pop music kind of way, maladroit was not too bad and i actually enjoyed the little bit of a harder edge on that album, and make believe had a couple of stand out tracks, but overall was not that good.

so, after my first listen through weezer's new semi self-titled album (the red album), i can say that at this point in time, it's ok i guess. i really like the first three songs, the last song is good, as is the extra track on the UK version, a cover of "the weight" by a band called the band (though i will try to find the deluxe version of the album with 4 extra tracks. dont know if that'll be a challenge to find in china or not). the rest is just either average or ehhhh. i can tell that maybe a couple more will grow on me, but out of 10 =w='s, i give it 5.5 for a few great tracks, and a average to decent effort from weezer all around.

also boosting this score is the insane sing-along-ility (i'm amazing with words) of the chorus of the lead single, "pork and beans." love this track, and i wish more of the album was like this. i could definitely see myself smashed and incoherently singing along. check out the video, i thought it was amazing, and at the least, it's very entertaining.

big fans of weezer will appreciate the ever-changing rivers cuomo element of the music (let's face it, he is weezer. as he goes, so does the band). it's kind of hard to explain how i feel about it without first explaining the long and complicated history of weezer (and i dont want to take the time to do that), but i can say that even if he's not making the best music of his career, i'm happy for what he's doing now, while still being able to produce a few hits. i'm sure this paragraph didnt make sense to anyone i know, except for jesse smith, who i know doesn't read this.

in semi-related news, and based on pure coincidence (i've had this planned for a coupla months), for the hell of it, i am in the midst of seeing if i can grow a mustache, maybe one similar to rivers. i'm asian, so stay tuned.

no matter what, i'll always =w= weezer.

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