Let It Rain, Bitch. (Happy Christmas!)

Everyone I know that has a lot of money and stupid boring fucking safe lives keeps telling me what to do with my money like smart wise shit like ,buy real estate and shit, and all I got to say back is what James Van Der Beek said in that football movie” I don’t want your life.” I really don’t , my life is fucking awesome, and I’m young dumb and full of cum , fuck it, kill it, fingerbang it, burn it all down to the ground, making art, making music, making love, making war, making shits wherever I go, where I lay my head is home, I’m my own worst enemy just like the song I’m sleeping with my clothes on, self destructing at every turn its my most favorite thing to do, I come back even stronger every time, I sound like a fucking idiot because, I am, I CAN’T COME DOWN, I WON’T COME DOWN, I CAN’T BE LEFT ALONE, becuz I don’t know how to act, becuz I don’t give a fuck and I don’t even care, but sometimes I care too much, reborn rebirth replacable redemption , I ‘m out on the run looking for some fun and tomorrow I’m gonna do it all over again, I never fucking learn, you just live life now, spend the money ,take chances ,what are you fucking waiting for? tomorrow may never come.. so knowing all that about myself I made the best decision and smartest investment I ever made in my life, check out my new wheels,yes it's got suicide doors beeeeyotch!I don’t even own a home and rent in a shitty part of downtown… don’t worry I still have the mini van .. I win !! I rule!! amen---Joshua 23:9-11

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While I don't completely agree with David's over-simplistic approach in saying 'fuck it', it is quite admirable. Plus I find it hilarious that he'd compare himself to James van der Beek. LAWL.

If you haven't been watching Thumbs Up, you suck. Peep game:

A few songs I've been jamming the past day or two:
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Armand van Helden - I Want Your Soul
DJ Class - Tear Da Club Up (Ruff Ryders)
DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody ft. Chromeo (right click, save as)
Jay-Z - Blue Magic ft. Pharrell (The Knocks remix)
Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Studio remake)
Inner City - Good Life
The Notorious B.I.G. - Nasty Boy (DJ Mehdi "Le Cirque" Remix)
Action Action - Photograph
one for the old school: Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank

I saw Eastern Promises today. Nothing really happens at all in this movie. Viggo Mortensen looks cooler than you or me ever will, big fucking surprise. Weird thing about the film is that the most vicious fight in the movie, hence the best scene in the movie, happens while Viggo is buck ass naked. Like schlong and balls and all. No homo. I'd say it's worth watching but I'm glad I didn't pay 8 bucks like I was going to. It also makes London looks like a complete shithole that I don't really want to visit.

Don't watch I Am Legend. Absolutely horrible. I didn't know I could dislike a Will Smith action movie since he's probably one of my favorite human beings. Nigga was the Fresh Prince, for christ's sake. But it was incredibly boring for the most part and sadly, too much Will Smith is possible.

Happy Christmas to everybody, especially people that don't celebrate it.

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