player card watch.

for all professional athletes, everyone has to go through the pain that is their rookie season. they get little respect, they have to do the veteran players' bitch work, and they are often times the targets of pranks. espn has added another level to this, by not giving many nba rookies proper player card pictures. let's examine.

yi jianlian:

look how optimistic he looks. that's an "i'm ready to play in the nba and looking forward to the future" kind of look. that's also a "there are no black people in china to play basketball with" look. optimism, meet real competition.

sean williams:

"god i can't wait to get done with this season so i can get a real picture."

glen davis:

does that not look like a young shaq? of course, he wont be as good, but the resemblance is there.

jared dudley:

this one might be the worst i've seen so far...someone actually chose this picture to represent him on if police were given only this picture and were told to find him, i don't think they could do it.

juan carlos navarro:

he's putting up decent numbers as a rook, and this is what he gets in return.

no respect.

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Sam said...

couple of bc alum in your list. sean williams got kicked out of BC for smoking too much pot and hanging out with jason too much.