Finals Blow

That's basically it. Since Sunday, I've only studied in the hours I've been up. After Monday morning, I should be able to feel good.

Couple of things:

1. I can't decide if I should cheer for the 'Horns during the Holiday Bowl.

Advantages (not really) if we win:
- Mack gets his 10th win for the 6th season in a row.
- Our coaching staff becomes even more complacent.
- Our program remains mediocre in the post-VY era.
- Our only real solid win this season against a very good Arizona State team.

Advantages if we lose:
- Wake up call for Mack Brown and Co.
- Wake up call for Deloss Dodd to put Mack under some pressure for some conference championships. Or maybe just some wins over our rivals.
- Maybe our program gets serious and stops dicking around for next season.

Apparently, there's an award called the "Outstanding Linebacker Award" that they give out every year. Guess who won this year? Derry, Bobino, Killebrew. This is just beating the dead horse. Good thing Killebrew earned his degree.

2. There could be some real changes in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program here at UT.

- First off, they should really consider renovating ENS. The building is such a piece of shit. Even the ME's get their ETC redone. The only thing we got was the "penthouse."
- Fire some professors. Start with Professor Pore.
- Start a class called: EE301, Introduction to normalizing in society. This class would require all engineers to bathe at least once a day and go on from there.

3. I've got nothing sweet to report on. Andrew and Justin have done a great job updating with cool stuff. Jason's a bitch.

4. I want to pass 3 out of 4 of my classes this semester. If I do that, then I'd consider this semester a complete success. The academic semester.


Justin said...

word up to the penthouse.

it looks like shit, but honestly it wasn't that bad.

Andrew said...

lol total shot at asian engineers everywhere. sad but true epidemic. a smelly epidemic.

oh and you'd think they would give the outstanding linebacker award to just one player...but you know, those three combined sometimes felt like 1 lb out there.

Albert said...

So true about ENS. My last year at UT they finally did a little renovation but their idea of renovation was putting up LCD's on the wall so they could scroll through shitty College of Engineering news that I didn't care about.