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the most dangerously drunk cities in the US

keep in mind this is the most dangerously drunk cities (taking into account death rates, alcohol-related arrests, and things of that nature), not the drunkest.

things to note:

  • texas has 4 in the top 10 most dangerously drunk cities (san antonio, austin, lubbock, and el paso). i dont know if that's hilarious or scary.
  • of course, austin is way up there as the 7th dangerously drunk city. represent...i think.
  • not to be outdone, colorado has 2 cities in the top 3, with denver topping this list.
  • surprisingly, nyc was the 8th least dangerous. however, with no research to back up this statement, nyc has to be in the top 10 for most dangerously cracked out.
  • i should have written this post drunk.
that's all for today, unless i decide to not study for my international business test. i'll put my chances of updating tonight at 58%.

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