A different approach to money, art, business and general 'do what I want' mentality:

“I’d be lying if I said, ‘Just do what your heart tells you, stay true to yourself, and things will eventually come’—that’s bullshit. It’s all about strategies and risks.”

- Tobias Wong via Theme
This is a little less adolescent than David Choe's mentality and a little closer to mine. I first heard about Tobias Wong with his 24k McDonald's Coffee Stir/Coke Bump utensil. As much as we need people like Choe in the world, they're not very practical. This is America, after all. Land of the Git'R'Done. Even Hiroshi Fujiwara, one of my heroes, likes to spew a lot of the 'I just do what I like' rhetoric that anybody can see through. So I can really appreciate people like Wong who doesn't have to sacrifice lofty idealism because he never had any in the first place, and still creates designs that takes a laugh at the world. It's nice to see some middle ground between the rebellious art-types that is still stuck in a teenage mindset, rebelling against 'the man' and the boring, safe pieces of shit who should've been an accountant instead.

Here's another good Tobias piece: The Lamp.

The story for this is amusing: Wong convinced Philippe Starck's people to give him a prototype of Starck's new chair for an art project. He then turned it into a big fucking glow light and debuted it as a completely original work. A day before Starck debuted the actual chair.

*Philippe Starck (wiki) is kind of a big deal in the design world, although a lot of his stuff gets a big 'meh' out of me.

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