Thoughts on the 2008 Draft

1. Cowboys - I give the Jerry Jones a solid B+. It was good, but it could have been great. We drafted what we needed, but we didn't make quite the splash we could have. As for Felix Jones vs. Rashard Mendenhall... this is stupid. Both are great backs, and the Cowboys picked who they thought was the best fit. Mendenhall doesn't have a record of being a featured back anyway. He only had one good season at Illinois. Jones fits right in the Cowboy's running attack, since he played in a two-back system at Arkansas. 

I really like the Martellus Bennett pick. I can definitely see him being split out in the slot as a wideout, instead of a TE. He has much more to offer than Fasano. Albert sent me an article about how the Cowboys were really hoping for Limas if he had fallen that far. That would have been crazy. I still hope we get a solid veteran WR, unless Terry Glenn recovers fully.

I like the Tashard Choice pick. He was the only good thing left at GaTech after Calvin Johnson left. He's a good solid running back. 

We loaded up on the CBs. What was the thinnest position last week, is now full of talent. Pacman Jones, Anthony Henry, Terence Newman, and Mike Jenkins. That's almost an amazing secondary, if it weren't for the problem Roy Williams presents. I'm hoping we move Henry to FS, and have Ken Hamlin at SS. We could then just cut or trade Roy Williams to Mexico, where they love him. 

2. Titans - Damn... I don't know what they're thinking. Their draft couldn't have been worse. I don't know what Mike Reinfeldt is doing in Nashville. They drafted another Chris Henry, and picked up a DE in the 2nd round. Vince has to be frustrated...

The Titans are retarded, says SportsNation

3. Overall, decent draft for the Longhorns. Surprised no one went in the first round. I think this might have been the first time since Mack Brown took over that this happened. I can't believe Limas fell so far. I can't believe Jordy Fucking Nelson went before him. Actually, he went before a lot of people. 

Tony Hills and Sweed will be together in Pittsburgh. I'm glad Sweed didn't end up on the Titans. He would have hated it, since they're a bunch of retards. He'll do well with Big Ben, and a bunch of talented receivers (Holmes, Ward) around him. 

JC and Jermichael went where everyone thought they would. If they had stayed one more season... 

Frank Okam to the Texans in the 5th.

I hope Derek Lokey makes a roster as a free agent. He's a good player.

It's a bleak outlook for the 'Horns next year. I don't see much talent coming out... Brian Orakpo is the only person I can think of. 

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