NFL Draft 2008

Part of being a Cowboys fan is the fun that comes with Jerry Jones and the NFL draft. This year is no different as major changes will be coming soon.

1. Probably the least important, but Roy Williams (Safety) is changing his number from #31 to #38, his number from when he played for OU. This is suppose to help him play better. Maybe this will help him jump over the Buccaneer's offensive line and deck Chris Simms who will fumble the ball in the endzone (sounds familiar...) when we play the Bucs in week 8.

Roy Williams (38) used to be awesome

2. Forecast for next season: Rainy. Hopefully, this deal gets done by the end of this week. Let's hope Jerry's busting the Titans balls. I'm not completely sold, actually not at all, that Pacman Jones is contrite. I believe he'll still be hitting up those strip clubs, but I hope he leaves his guns at homes. Besides, VY says he's a "good dude." 

Pacman Jones makes it rain

3. I want to believe that we are trading for a big name receiver around the league on draft day. Among the options (Boldin, Ocho Cinco, the other Roy Williams), the only one that I would want is Roy Williams. He's a University of Texas alum, grew up a Cowboys fan, and he's good. Oh yeah, he's only 26! Roy for Roy + first round pick would not be a bad idea, but the Cowboys would take a huge cap hit since we signed the safety Roy to a record deal a couple years back. Stupid.

The good Roy Williams

4. I want to get that running back in the draft. Something to go with Marion Barber, who needs to stop asking for so much money. I like most of the options available. I think we'll most likely get Jonathan Stewart from Oregon or Felix Jones from Arkansas. They are both sweet as hell. If Jamaal Charles rids himself of fumblitis, then maybe.

All I'm saying is that if the Cowboys play their cards right, we could have a ridiculous offense. I'm talking about an amazing offensive line, Jason Witten, TO, Romo, Barber, new receiver and running back. But it wasn't really our offense that was our undoing. The pass defense still needs help. 

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