roflcopter posts of the week.

1) barry zito (temporarily?) moves to the bullpen. he's been a thorn in the rangers side for years, so this feels good. wayyyyy overrated. roflcopter.

2) jason taylor is none too pleased with the tuna. apparently when taylor visited dolphins hq, parcells made eye contact with taylor, and then made an effort to totally ignore him. i know bill is an old-school thinker and is pissed that taylor is on dancing with the stars instead of working out, and that's cool and all, but he did this exact same childish shit in dallas. pretty ridiculous if you ask me. i believe the year was 1990. as in, the last time bill parcells was human. roflcopter.

3) game 4 recap of celtics/hawks. funny because the series is tied. TIED. even the mavs series isnt tied (sadcopter). funny again because zaza pachulia stood up to kevin garnett and al horford talked shit to paul pussy pierce (in game 3) and got him fined. i like that fire (again, that youthful fire...something the mavs need from someone other than brandon bass). roflcopter.

4) mavs on brink of elimination article on espn. a few things i picked up from this article:

  • j.a. adande is an idiot because he believes we should first trade dirk and wait for kidd to leave, thus allowing the mavs to "position themselves to make a run at a superstar such as LeBron James or Dwyane Wade in the big free agency summer of 2010." first, lebron james would never come to dallas if he had a choice (and you think we could give him more money than other teams to bring him here...yeah ok). second, i don't want dwyane wade. even if i somehow magically forgot all of 2006 and the worst sports summer of my life, and even though he admittedly is a fantastic player with hall of fame qualities, he's too much of an injury liability for me to want. i'd rather sign a few good or great players (or even some other franchise player) with that money instead. funny because j.a.'s opinion on this is ridiculous. roflcopter, you idiot.
  • a lot of writers already believe our trade to be a failure. i whole-heartedly disagree, and would even say, give the suns a chance too. these trades werent small improvements like other teams' trades. to some degree or another, both teams had to change and improve their style. that's not easy to do in the last third of the season, where you're supposed to be tightening up your style and team, not changing it up (especially if you play on avery's team, where you don't make any changes and hope for the best). i give both teams one more season to figure things out. for both the suns and mavs, next season will really be now or never. steve nash has 1 more great season in him, then he'll move to good then better than average then average then to gary payton on the heat (though i guess that worked out pretty well for him) then to a nuisance, or whenever he decides to retire. next season kidd will be somewhere inbetween great and good, depending on who our coach is next year.
  • tim legler is a funny guy. his answers for numbers two and three are laughable. apparently they still respond to avery. roflcopter. good luck finding a good "young, quick point guard with size." roflcopter. he thinks we should have "less reliance on Dirk offensively and more on Josh Howard." when was the last time he watched a mavs game? we do rely on j-ho a lot. part of the reason we're sucking so bad in this series is cause we do rely on j-ho a lot, and he's shooting like 25% and playing like a pothead who smokes during the regular season. last i checked, in this series, dirk is shooting 50% from the field and averaging 28 points per game. roflcopter x 3.

5) via my brother's blog. apparently avery canceled practice for rest but the players had one without him anyway. this says two things to me. first, the team doesn't listen to avery. this may or may not be gossip, but my good friend henry says he met a dmn writer at winstar over the weekend. said writer says that avery had been fired before the playoffs, but had not announced it as to not cause a media storm. honestly, it wouldn't surprise me, the way things have been going this series (though it shouldn't be an excuse). if it's not true, it might happen anyway. i haven't chosen a side yet. i'm torn between firing his ass or giving him the offseason to tinker with his playbook/coaching style. stay tuned. second, it tells me that the mavs do in fact have heart. the value of rest should not be underestimated (but i guess it shouldn't be overestimated either). but spurning rest to hold what i'm sure was a mentally intense and open practice says that this team does care, despite what EVERYONE says.

sometimes this team kills me, but dammit, i love these mavs too much to give up on them.

it's funny how much i devote myself to this team. roflcopter.


Albert said...

Good post. Big Bill is such a petulant egomaniac. So childish. Its pretty hilarious actually. I just watched Tim Legler say on SC the same things you wrote about him saying in the post. He has no idea what hes talking about.

Justin said...

yet another disappointing season from the mavs...
what's new?

Sam said...

you're a good writer, andrew.