hollinger's thoughts on the mavs.

"What I'm saying, in a roundabout way, is that this team is being vastly underestimated at the moment."

totally agree with the first statement, though we've been vastly underestimated for years...and somehow now even more than ever. but the role of the underdog can never be underestimated, and to be honest, it's nice to be the underdog/spoiler every once in a while. with the exception of our own fans, no one, and i mean NO one, believes the mavs can or will make any noise in the playoffs. in the words of gene hackman, that makes us "very dangerous people." i like that. they'll all see come playoff time.

"Look for them to end up tied with Denver at 51 wins and get the No. 8 seed -- where they can try to turn the tables on what happened a year ago."

loved this part of the article. the thought hadnt even crossed my mind...but wouldnt that be the ultimate turn of events? especially if we went far and beat some heavily favored rivals? i just wet my pants thinking about the possibilities.

imagine the scenario of us playing a first seeded new orleans hornets team. this matchup is ripe with possibilities. a team that is basically new to the playoffs as a heavily pressured 1 seed vs. the former 1 seed, filled with veterans who have been to the finals, that is not expected to do anything (one that may or may not be getting hot at the end of the season a la the golden state shitbags. we'll soon find out). i dont know if we still have this psychological edge anymore, but before this year, we fucking OWNED the hornets, like 15 or something games in a row we beat them. i think drawing the hornets would be the best case scenario as of right now, giving us a greater chance to get in that playoff groove and keep movin through the bracket.

7 games left. a long summer staring the mavs straight in the face. we're almost ready to stare right back.

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Albert said...

I'd rather play Houston then lmao when we beat them to prevent them from making it out of the first round again.