the man is back.

...and maybe the mavs' mojo too.

i've watched a good amount of dallas basketball over the course of this season, and i can say almost for a fact that the ball i saw played tonight (especially during a long stretch in, yes, the usually miserable third quarter) was some of the best i've seen all season. yeah, we've played this well before, but none of it was with the grit, the hustle, the energy, and the fierce attitude that was on display tonight. THIS is the kind of play that got us to the finals in what seems like an eternity ago. THIS is what it takes to get through the West. THIS is what we all envisioned the mavs being, both before and after the kidd trade. THIS is how the mavs play at their full potential. THIS is dallas basketball.

i could get used to this.

will this trend continue? can we keep it up and maintain it through the playoffs (yes, we're going)? this game was important, but that was the bottom of the spectrum. next two games against the lakers and suns will be telling (not to mention, crucial).

however, one thing is for certain: the Uberman has heart. most fans around dfw know this for a fact; the rest of the nation has some kind of veil slipped over their eyes by espn...they need to catch up. he is the true leader of this team and it showed tonight.

welcome back dirk. let's take it to the house.

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