Roy Williams Saga Continues

Dallas Cowboys' Roy Williams, not only is the starting STRONG safety, but he is a man of STRONG faith as well.

This article from the DMN has a few awesome quotes from Roy on why he hasn't been able to play up to expectation. After reading the article, you really get an understanding of the struggles that Roy has on the field, and why the Cowboys are FUCKED if we don't figure this out soon...

1. It's "tough" for Roy to turn left or right when he's on man-to-man coverage:

"I will admit that at times, when I had one-on-one situations and you're head up on a tight end or a receiver that can go left or right, it's tough..."

I don't even know what to say to that. It's tough to match up on someone in the NFL that can go left or right? Really?

"All I had to do was run left and sometimes run right, and Eli just found me wide open everytime," said Jeremy Shockey after netting 11 receptions for 133 yards and two touchdown passes.

2. Roy gives a whole new meaning to the term "ball-hawk" by hoping the ball is never thrown his way.

"Sometimes you just hope they don't throw the ball your way, because sometimes you're like, if they go inside, you don't have any help; if they go outside, you don't have any help."

What do Roy Williams and the rational Cowboys fan have in common? They both hope the ball isn't thrown his way.

3. It's okay for the abysmal coverage, since, well... he doesn't get paid like a cornerback. In fact, he gets paid more.

"That's why corners get paid the big bucks."

This is true I guess, but let's just look at the Cowboys payroll:

Terence Newman:$865,647
Anthony Henry:: $2,804,840
Roy Williams:$11,688,850

"You see? If only I was paid like T-New I'd start making those plays," said Roy. Oh Roy, but you are. In fact, you are paid more than 10 times as much as Terence...

4. All is forgiven though, by Jesus for his sins in committing coverage. Not so much by Dallas fans who are still thirsty for a playoff win.

"People will say Roy is really not making any big hits. Ever since I rededicated my life to God, OK, I haven't been making the big hits, but we got further than we ever did when I was living of the world. When I rededicated my life, you know what I'm saying, God showed me that you don't have to live of the world and I will bless you. He has basically overflown my cup. He has shown me so much."

I really don't know what he's trying to say here. Since when did becoming a Christian make you suck on the field? There are plenty of men of faith on the Cowboys roster who still make plays. Why did have at include the, "you know what I'm saying?"

I'm too busy thinking about Jesus, so I'm going to horsecollar Donovan McNabb, that fucking pagan. I mean Eagle...

5. Roy still needs time to find his comfort zone, his little niche, in the defense.

"Please believe the hits will come. I mean, I'm going to have to get comfortable in this defense."

You're in the NFL. You're supposed to pick up new defensive schemes. That's why intelligence is an asset valued highly when the teams draft players. Why do you have to be "comfortable" to make hits? You can't pick out the guy with the ball and tackle him? Sorry, but I don't believe the big hits are coming.

Making hard hits in a 3-4 defensive scheme should be included in Roy's comfort zone. Pussy.

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Andrew said...

i hate him so much. so much.

what a dumb mother fucker.