Pete Wentz Ruins Everything

We all love(d) Fall Out Boy

"Beat It", def a Thriller classic

Instead of singing, John Mayer sticks to what he does best/better: Guitar

Buster from Arrested Development makes an appearance (I miss that show)!
+4 (Seriously, it's a good show)

Pete camera whore Wentz somehow manages to squeeze himself into every other shot. His excessive eyeliner and emoxcore hair only further proves that he still, in fact, sucks at life (along with his plastic surgery happy girlfriend).


In all seriousness though, it's a decent cover. Definitely better than all the other junk they've been coming out with post TTTYG.


Sam said...

im going to have at disagree on this being a decent cover. it's just awful. i didn't realized the singer sucked so bad.

oh yeah, pete wentz is a fag.

Andrew said...

my first reaction to the guitar solo was, "damn, this sucks compared to van halen's solo."

and then i realized the solo just plain sucked.