commies don't like damon jones coat

yeah i'm still here...havent had time to respond to anyone's messages cause i either didn't have internet access for the past week cause i've been doing some traveling around china or i've just been busy. things should be slowing down a little for me so i'll have more time to get back to ya'll if you email me.

btw i can't read our blog directly or even read comments on each post cause of the commies policing the internet. so if ya'll got anything to say to me, or

i'll be updating ya'll soon. hope all is well.


Justin said...


If you recall, Damon Jones' coat was red. THE SAME COLOR AS THE CCP. I'm sure if someone gets this memo to Hu Jintao, everything will be sorted out.

Albert said...

So Damon Jones is allowed in ads all over China but not Damon Jones coat? They must be protecting their people from fashion faux pas.