Korean people are evil

I'm not talking about Kim Jong Ill or his pops, but just the common Korean here at the University of Texas. Tonight, Lydia and I were at PCL studying when some Korean girl got a batch of Tiff's Treats, but she only passed them out to Koreans. 

Well, you're probably thinking... "LOL SAM! They were probably just her friends." This is untrue, she was walking to every Krn in every corner of the room handing them cookies n' shit. 

Lydia, wanted a cookie. I didn't though. No way would I never take one of those.

Oh yeah, before I forget, no offense, Jason. There, my hands are clean. You can't be mad at me.

Back to studying...

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Lydia said...

You and me, we could have taken her down. Sure, 60% of the room would immediately come after us, but the cookies are worth it.
Korean herd mentality, it's serious business.

I really hate that douche with the elmo hat. What a tool.