numbered items.

long time no see...

1. big news out of cincy...the bengals have franchised shayne graham! yes, the kicker. congrats on locking up the only bright spot of your season last year. who says kickers aren't appreciated?

if you don't like the song, then at least there are some priceless images of kickers getting mauled. also, shoutout to kordell "slash; but never really that good at any specific position" stewart. funny ending to the song as well.

and i guess there will never be a better time than now to post this pic:

the nfl has banned single bar helmets. lame.

2. the missed connections section of craigslist is hilarious. check this one out.
"There aren't enough girls in the world that are chill enough to put up with sweaty nerds rolling dice and playing with toy soldiers all night, and when you do find chicks that are, they are usually the ones worth keeping =3."

love the added picture as well. what is battleforge you say? i'm glad you asked LOL.

3. mark cuban has an interesting/potentially really funny idea for stimulating the economy. there are wayyy too many comments to go through, but some of the ideas are really funny.

4. dwyane wade is lame. apparently he likes looking like fonzworth bentley.

5. maybe the worst looking jersey ever created. someone try to prove me wrong.

6. this whole thing with michael phelps smoking pot is retarded, especially the part with SC police trying to retroactively press charges against him (so stupid). but you know what, i got yo back michael, and apparently so do the chinese people:
"The past few days have been tough for me, but I've received support and encouragement online from so many Chinese friends...But it's the warmth and forgiveness in the messages I've received from China that has really lifted me up over the past few days. Thanks again for your support and encouragement. I look forward to returning to China soon."

7. no huge trades in the nba. sad to see chandler didnt get traded, cause the mavs could handle the hornets without two of the top three players that killed us last year in the playoffs (jannero pargo, who no one could catch up with, and tyson chandler, who no big on our team is athletic enough to handle).

interesting rumor though: the clips offered the mavs b diddy and chris kaman for jason kidd. too late now i guess, but thoughts? keep in mind baron is an injury waiting to happen (he's already been hurt this year, and he's a fatass who can only work when there's a chip on his shoulder (LOL)), and he is quite selfish with the shots (shooting 36% from field, 29% downtown). if he could learn to pass up shots that arent worth taking, i'd be all for it. oh and davis has a really fat contract, a reason why most teams passed up on baron even though he was on the trading block. chris kaman (the fake german) would be pretty sweet to have on our team though.

looks like the mavs are retooling and saving cap space for the next two years. it's gonna be interesting. (wish list: dallas native chris bosh. i would wish for wade (begrudingly), but there's no way he wants to come to dallas.)


Justin said...

sams still pushing for lebron as a mav.

Albert said...

Dude, i never saw #5. That thing is fucking hideous. It doesn't look any better when an ogre is wearing it either.