no stats all-star.

another great article by michael lewis. along the lines of his book on (relatively) new and more efficient methods of baseball player valuation, moneyball, the article looks at how the houston rockets are applying the same principles.

can you guess who the article is about?

to basketball fans, some things will be obvious (lower shooting percentages shooting off the dribble, going in opposite direction of your main hand, etc.), other things not so much ("When [Kobe] Bryant drove to the basket, instead of being forced to take a jump shot, he said: 'That’s three-eighths of a point. These things accumulate.'"). also a frustrating statistic on manu ginobili in there.

addendum to the article, if you're interested. choice quotes from kobe on the game discussed in the article.

“When we had an official school picture, every other kid was given a comb. I was the only one given a pick.”


damn i want to be an nba GM.

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