lol jason kidd.

miserable week for the mavs. but awesome commentary by mavsmoneyball on jason kidd's quote after the lackluster winning effort against the knicks:


Jason Kidd has played at times this season as if he's found the fountain of youth, including the fourth quarter last night. Then he says something like this to remind you how old he really is...

"You have to erase your floppy disk and become a shooter or scorer," Kidd said. "Guys kept telling me to keep shooting it. I thought it was great on Dirk's part to become a playmaker. That's what great players do."


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Sam said...

that quote is so money.

it's is for sure better than those "we just had to go out there and play with...

1. ...a chip on the shoulder."

2. ... a lot of intensity."

or my personal fav.

3. "...a blue collar type mentality."