Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

I first heard about this because my mom told me to watch Oprah about it with her when the guy who made the film was on it. My first response was, 'fuck that guy.' That's probably because it was an instinctual reaction due to jealousy or what have you. I mean, nobody likes hearing rich people bitch about being rich. Especially not rich people who didn't have to do shit to be rich.

After actually watching this thing, I will say that first, really rich people aren't as good looking as it shows on Gossip Girl. At least not the ones this guy interviews. Second, nobody is really that despicable as a Paris Hilton, who isn't nearly as rich as these kids. Even Luke Weil, 'easily the film's most despicable character' according to a New York Magazine article, is not like that at all. In fact, he seems to be one of the few that have a good grasp on his position and approaches it like a normal human being.

I don't know why Weil bothered suing Johnson for defamation, seeing as how the film really went out of it's way to portray the rich kids as sympathetic. I'm sure if he wasn't one of these kids himself, he would've had a much harsher light on the subject.

New York Magazine "How Can America's Rich Teach Their Children the Value of a Dollar?"

*If it's a US Dollar, it isn't worth shit anyways so the lesson should be considerably easier.

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