a few things i observed and/or learned on the cruise around the caribbean:

  1. kids ages 12 and under love to "superman that ho." little do they know...
  2. trophy wives love cruises.
  3. i'm convinced that southeast asians and jamaicans were meant for the service industry. very nice and very funny people.
  4. a lot of europeans dress like homosexuals.
  5. i dont think i like european men very much (with the exception of maybe the english). not so much for the reason above, but more because of their general demeanors. they have some kind of superiority complex or something.
  6. there are a lot of really really attractive mexican and european girls.
  7. it is continually getting harder and harder to tell what age some girls are.
  8. sheryl crow's remake of guns n' roses' "sweet child o' mine" may be the worst cover known to man. everything you loved about the original...it's pretty much the opposite on this "remake."
  9. not all jamaicans have dreads. though some do.
  10. however, "yah mon" is pretty standard. i think there's a law that requires you say it every 3 sentences. despite being a poorer country, jamaica was pretty sweet.
  11. despite what most people hear about jamaica, they are actually kind of strict about drugs (ie. weed), at least when it comes to tourists.
  12. the weather can really ruin shit. like swimming with sting rays. fuckin a.
  13. if you ever get a chance to be on a cruise, at night, go to the lower outside deck where there are not a lot of lights. the sound of the waves are relaxing, and you'll never see a clearer sky with brighter stars than when at sea (barring bad weather, of course).
  14. in terms of football, the cruise was timed relatively well. the cowboys showed up in their hawaiian shirts against the redskins and 3 out of the 4 bcs games were lame. whew.
overall the cruise was pretty sweet, but i'm glad to be home/going back to austin soon. more posts about the playoffs soon.

oh yeah...and happy new year to everyone. i wish you luck in everything you do.

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Justin said...

im pretty sure 15-16 year old girls that look like hot 18 yr olds are almost always hotter than hot 18 year olds that look like hot 18 year olds