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First, how'd they get a red Macbook? Not that I want one per se, but if Skateboard P gets one just cause he doesn't make good beats anymore, then I think we all deserve the option too.

Second, anybody else notice how amazing Pharrell's ability to maintain celebrity relevance despite not producing ANYTHING of decent design? Ice Cream/BBC is generally horrible and getting worse every season. The music has been abysmal for the past couple years, save for producing 'Say Goodbye to Love' for Kenna. He put out a skate team that has no credibility in the skateboarding community. The artists on his label go nowhere. Even the Clipse left.

Yet he is still tapped to be Louis Vuitton model. And he's just 'designed' the new Louis Vuitton jewelry line: Blason. I'm mildly amped to see what he comes up with. I've grown to really like the Millionaire shades he put out with Nigo for LV despite hating it at first.

No hating here, I like the dude and am still interested in his output. I just don't know why. Maybe Hot in Herre really was that awesome.

Also: I started a Tumblr. Sam will call me a smug bitch, but I'll still write on here. I'm just going to be using it instead of the Facebook Posted Items to catalog anything I see interesting. Have a look if you will:

Jason also has one, but he doesn't want to share it so I will. It's
Once again, I don't cut and run like our korean brethren here.

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Jason said...

its a plastic cover type thing, check it out at mad heads running around with that thing at bc for a while, and i'm pretty sure none of them are designing for lv.