Texas v. OU

Expert (HAHA) picks:

sad to say, but like everyone else, i predict a loss for texas, which is basically devastating to any goals we had for this season. yeah ou lost last week too, but they gave it away to colorado, and plus, they were in boulder. texas, on the other hand, was at home, played like shit, was thoroughly outcoached, and most, if not all, of our problems were exposed. like the kind of exposed where someone pulls down your pants and spanks you in public. and all of this in front of UT's greatest alum, the honorable vince young. this team of slackers should be ashamed.

we'll somehow keep the score close, but we'll clearly get outplayed: 24-13, lame asses.

that said, we'll hope for a surprise, and HOOK EM HORNS!


It's halftime right now. The 'Horns are playing a great game. Great offensive play calling, and we're moving the chains and had two good efficient touchdown drives.

We need to stop giving up 40+ yards on kickoffs.

OU has a good run defense. Keep airing it over the middle.

Great job on the defense. More pressure needs to be put on Bradford for us to win. He has way too much time to pick our secondary apart. HUGE first half for Foster and Palmer.

Hopefully, our inexperienced O-line doesn't get fatigued in the 2nd half.

- Sam

Is it really that hard to hold on to a football when that's what you practice everyday?

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