"At the end of the game, Brady let backup fullback Kyle Eckel score a 1-yard touchdown instead of notching his 22nd touchdown pass. Eckel is from Navy. It was a tribute to coach Bill Belichick's father, who spent so much of his career at Navy."
via espn

So that unnecessary TD with less than a minute left in the game by the Pats, who were already up 14, was a tribute to Bill Belichick's dad?

Fuck Bill Belichick's dad.

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Andrew said...

that is the dumbest fucking gesture i've ever heard of. that's like 6 degrees of kevin bacon bullshit. oh he went to navy so he needs to score the td for someone he has little to no relation to? oh ok. fuckers could have taken a knee with like 14 seconds left. the pats can go fuck themselves.

tell bill belichick i said that.