Some games this week!

It's been awhile since I've posted due to having 2 tests a week for 3 consecutive weeks.

Games to watch this week:

Texas at Baylor - We should win this. Yeah, it's Baylor, but I'm predicting that they will be picking our LBs apart all game. Have you seen Killebrew play coverage? He doesn't. Slot receivers for the Bears will have a huge game. Our offense should have no problem moving the ball through the air.

Red Sox at Indians, Game 5 - Could this be it for the Red Sox? I hope not. Down 3-1 in the series, and the starting pitcher is Beckett. Assuming the Bosox prevail, and Schilling shuts down the Indians offense in game 6, that leaves Dice-K to pitch game 7 at Fenway. Talk about pressure for Matsuzaka, who has yet to show up for a post season game.

Vikings at Dallas - AD aka Adrian Peterson will be shut down. It will be fun watching Roy Williams getting trucked by his fellow ex-Sooner. Also, Cedric Griffin on TO should be a fun match up to watch. Brian Robison will also be starting for the Vikings.

Titans at Houston - For all the VY fans out there, this one should be interesting. Last year in OT, VY took the ball in for the game winning touchdown. Now, no one knows if Vince will be playing on Sunday due to his quad injury. No, the madden curse is stupid, and it isn't real. If Young ends up playing, should be pretty interesting.

I hope the Patriots keep winning. Keep winning, maybe even go undefeated, and then just lose out in the play offs. This team is so smug (see below), and I hate Rodney Harrison so much. Last year against the Titans, they stuck in Testaverde to throw a touchdown pass to set a record for most consecutive seasons(20) with a TD pass even though the game was pretty much over. How about that Doug Flutie drop kick the year before? I hate the Pats. It's okay. They will lose at the end of the season, and that's all I will say about that.


Albert said...

Rodney Harrison has no reason to be smug considering that at one point during the game the Cowboys gameplan was find Rodney Harrison and throw to whoever he is covering. Where's your HGH now bitch?

Andrew said...

dude him and wade wilson were sticking needles in each other's butts during halftime. i saw it. it was weird.