now, everyone has known for a few years now that one of the major concerns on the phoenix suns is their lack of depth. some say, it's no big deal, these suns can still run and gun with the best of 'em, that their rotation players are warriors. and yes, for the most part, these statements are true. but while perusing the box scores of tonight's nba games, i came upon this gem in the nawlins-phoenix game:

Linton Johnson, SF24 (minutes)

...who is linton johnson?

fine, today he got more play time cause the suns got blown out by the hornets (are they scary or what? cp3 for mvp? there's an outside shot. but damn, at the young age of 22, he already has the nba in his hands.), but when the 8th man on your team is "linton johnson," that can't be a good thing. what are you going to do if/when grant hill goes down? are you going to play with 5 people and an old fat guy (shaq) in a run and gun system?

my initial thought on this new suns team? they suck. ok they don't suck, but they are not better. upon first hearing the trade, i didnt think it was a smart move for the suns (great for the heat though). but then i told myself, well, maybe it'll work out, maybe he'll be "re-energized" or whatever. after all, he is a superstar/hall of famer/kazaam. but then i remembered, this is the same guy who beginning in '06 took a vacation for half the season only to come back in the stretch run. he's been old since '06. he doesn't fit into the suns' system. i understand the suns were in an existential funk at the time with egomaniacs marion and stoudemire, but wouldn't you want to trade for someone who actually fits in your system, one that no one in the league runs better? marion was an attractive (no homo) commodity, so i'm absolutely certain that there were more suitors than just the heat. after the suns dont win a championship and waste nash's best years (in his 30's? who knew?), i wonder if tnt will welcome kerr back...

btw, bill simmons can suck my nuts.

final note: this upcoming road trip for the mavs, to say the least, it's monumental. spurs, lakers, jazz? bring it on.

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Justin said...

wtf dude im so pissed avery took out kidd at the end.

'hes not a shooter' doesnt fly