more new players.

to add more front-court depth, the mavs have picked up yet another nets player, jamaal magloire, to back up erick "let's wait till the guy fouls me" dampier (though to be fair, he's been playing well as of late, and seems to be a huge beneficiary of this new pass happy mavs team aka jason kidd's hoss-ness. now if only we could surgically remove those paddle hands and replace them with some real ones...). it's a harmless signing, one that i really don't mind just cause he's a big body, takes some pressure off damp, and i'm pretty sure the guy can still somewhat ball (or at least do what damp basically does, which is play decent defense and rebound the ball). good enough for me.

however, the real point of this post was to throw in this cheap joke:
with the last roster spot on the mavs up for grabs, can we sign someone named jimmy to complete round 2 of the 3 j's? or better yet, let's sign the real deal, jim jackson. he's out there somewhere doing nothing right now, and we could totally steal him away from the suns who are actually interested in him in order to fill out their roster as well.

(yes, i'm aware the original jamal only has one a in his name. close enough.)

total joke by the way. i would be down with picking up brent barry, although my gut (and reports that he has yet to clean out his spurs' locker) tells me he's just gonna go back to san antone. why break up a good thing, i guess.

final note: yes, i know this injury will help the mavs some way, some how, but i was severely disappointed to hear about yao's season-ending injury. in truth, even with teams i deep down hate, i really dont like when injuries to key players happen. it's sad, it ruins the course of a season, and it just changes everything. honestly, i was looking for a rematch of these two texas teams, after some definite hard feelings after our last meeting in the playoffs (jesus that 40 point walloping was HI-larious). i think it would have been an interesting story line, what with t-mac and the rockets not being able to get past the 1st round, and all that stuff about in-state rivalry (which i love). anyhow, here's to a quick recovery for yao, and hopefully he'll be ready to rep in beijing later this year.