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sorry for the lack of updates...i busted my laptop, and i've been busy and will continue to be this month, but expect tons of updates in december and january, when caring about anything school-related is at an all time low.

so the cowboys are kinda sittin pretty right now atop the nfc, which is nice since the cowboys have not been able to claim such a thing for a long time. i say kinda just because lo and behold, the tiki-less g-men have won 6 in a row and are coming hungry to play off a bye week, where coughlin gave them a whopping 5 full days off. despite my hatred for the giants, good for them for stickin it in tiki's face (all of this, of course, barring the usual mid-season breakdown they have every year). my personal take on tiki is that he's a selfish son-of-a-bitch who turned his team against its coach, which can and many times is deadly in whichever sport you play. yeah yeah, coughlin ruled with a steel hand and often put himself at odds with players, but the coach isnt here to be friends: he's here to win, and he'll do what he feels is right to do so. some coaches are friendly and it works for them, and that's great, but it's not a requisite. so right after tiki leaves...

what do ya his players are backing him, saying he's a changed man, and their 6-2 record reflects that. their comments go along the lines of "he used to be a gigantic douchebag but now he lets us rest during the week." pretty much an exact quote.

so the point is, here come the giants. in short, they're playing well on defense (that is a scary starting front 4; yes, even strahan), plax leads the nfc in tds, and brandon jacobs has quitely come back and dominated since his injury in week 1 (averaging over five and a half yards per carry. sick!). there are still relatively weak spots on offense (manning is still not a man...ning, and they only have two really capable receivers in plax and jeremy cuntbag, with toomer running a distant third), so i still believe the cowboys are very capable of winning.

i'd be pretty happy if we left the crappy-lands with a hard-fought victory, and it would be a pretty big statement if we did, considering the quality of many teams we've been playing have been subpar (f the patriots; and for the record, i thoroughly enjoyed laying down the law on donovan's big mouth).

i see the cowboys winning this one, 31-21. two tds each for TO and plax.

a few last notes:

  • despite serious problems on this longhorn team, here we are, sittin at 8-2, still with an outside shot of winning the big 12. i gotta give it to 'em, this team is truly gritty. and what have i been sayin all along about JC? amidst all the fumbles (and dropped passes leading to crucial interceptions...!!!!!!), people forgot that he's actually talented and really fucking fast. so hopefully we can keep this momentum going and gut out two more wins, and we'll see where we're at in a month.
  • i know, i know, the nba is back up and running and this blog has said nothing about it. i do in fact love the nba, so we'll be on it soon, and i'll be giving you my take on this year's mavs and maybe a few predictions to go along with it. oh and brandon bass: total monster-to-be.
  • t.i....if you were here, i'm shaking my head at you.
there's some good football this weekend, and now it doesn't all have to be covered in talks of the patriots running the table. enjoy the weekend, hook 'em horns, and let's go cowboys.

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